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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for I20080219-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 44162. [Wizards]  Define constants for wizard ids of new.file,
new.folder, and new.project (FIXED)
+ Bug 56483. [Themes] PerspectiveBarManager accesses
JFaceResources.fontRegistry directly as oppsed to the current theme
+ Bug 164695. [Workbench] Project copy doesn't validate location and
uses invalid location as default (FIXED)
+ Bug 184533. [Progress] ProgressIndicator uses hardcoded style for
ProgressBar (FIXED)
+ Bug 189953. [PresentationAPI] Allow for custom sashes (FIXED)
+ Bug 208332. [DataBinding] Accept element types in Observables
factory methods (FIXED)
+ Bug 211977. [Dialogs] Open Resource does not sort entries correctly (FIXED)
+ Bug 212340. [ErrorHandling] CoreExceptions logged without stack trace (FIXED)
+ Bug 212518. [DataBinding] ConstantObservableValue contribution (FIXED)
+ Bug 212559. [Markers] Quick fix allows multi select but only handles
first fix (FIXED)
+ Bug 215005. [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling] Manual tests should be
updated. (FIXED)
+ Bug 216904. [Markers] Configure Contents dialog missing mnemonics
and punctuation (FIXED)
+ Bug 217294. [Preferences] Preferences Store shoudn't use locale for
storing data (FIXED)
+ Bug 217777. [Workbench] Workbench event loop does not terminate if
Display is closed (FIXED)
+ Bug 218297. [Markers] [Import/Export] Export Problems View entry is
missing an icon (FIXED)
+ Bug 218375. [Markers] Remove legacy markers views (FIXED)
+ Bug 218553. [JFace] mis-spelling of their in applyDialogFont(...) (FIXED)
+ Bug 218804. [Commands] JDT UI tests fail due to leak (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 218903. [Viewers] support extensibility of the refresh job in
FilteredTree (FIXED)
+ Bug 218973. [Import/Export]  Import existing projects wizard: can't
import two version of same project (ASSIGNED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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