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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI Build submission for I20080204-0800

Bug 64486. [GlobalActions] [Services] Actions taking a shell should be changed to take an IWorkbenchSite (FIXED)
Bug 97649. [Preferences] [Themes] Colors and Fonts preference page shows with no buttons (FIXED)
Bug 153895. [KeyBindings] Key Assist (Ctrl+Shift+L) shows wrong key sequence (FIXED)
Bug 181215. [Decorators] Image lives too long in OverlayCache (FIXED)
Bug 184602. [Progress] "Widget is disposed" when setting builders twice during build (FIXED)
Bug 184908. [Wizards] [Forms] Widget disposed error in forms while closing Java project wizard (FIXED)
Bug 187796. [KeyBindings] IBindingService cannot return best active bindings for a ParameterizedCommand (FIXED)
Bug 187963. [Viewers] Make TableEditor and TreeEditor minumHeight controllable from CellEditor (FIXED)
Bug 195137. [Viewers] Tooltip for multiline comment in History view hinders selection (FIXED)
Bug 198821. [IDE] Declare some required plug-ins as optional (FIXED)
Bug 199114. [Commands] SelectAllHandler sends invalid selection event to Combos (FIXED)
Bug 199454. [Commands] Provide source variable or a property tester for Perspective (ASSIGNED)
Bug 202639. [Import/Export] [Import/Export] Improve warning messages in WizardFileSystemResourceExportPage1 (FIXED)
Bug 203767. [Markers] multiple instances of the new view a bit confusing to work with (NEW)
Bug 204905. [Contributions] Allow introspection on handlers (FIXED)
Bug 205043. [Commands] Dynamically loading plugin causes command framework error (REOPENED)
Bug 208858. [DataBinding] better support for moves in observable lists (FIXED)
Bug 210752. [Viewers]Cannot use custom CellNavigationStrategy in TableViewerFocusCellManager (FIXED)
Bug 215069. [Viewers] Problems with FocusCellOwnerDrawHighlighter (FIXED)
Bug 215582. [DataBinding] ObservableSetContentProvider is final (NEW)
Bug 215734. [Progress] Need way to listen to when DeferredTreeContentManager is finished (FIXED)
Bug 215897. [Contributions] (regression) popup menu missing contributions (FIXED)
Bug 216212. [FastView] Views cannot get focus when opening as FastView and dragging to a position (FIXED)
Bug 216271. [Workbench] UI plug-ins need to change from lazy start to Bundle Activiation Policy (FIXED)
Bug 216667. [Decorators] DecorationScheduler hangs onto objects forever sometimes (FIXED)
Bug 216811. [Markers] ExtendedMarkersView#setFocus doesn't (FIXED)
Bug 216947. [Metadata] Workbench dependency on JFace needs updating (FIXED)
Bug 217096. [Markers] NPE from new problems view on startup (FIXED)
Bug 217200. [Markers] MarkerPreferencePage not setting the dialog font (FIXED)
Bug 217217. [KeyBindings] NPE in WidgetMethodHandler during shutdown (FIXED)
Bug 217309. [Metadata] org.eclipse.ui.workbench.compatibility fragment bundle classpath is boggus (FIXED)

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