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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080129

Bug 64486. [GlobalActions] [Services] Actions taking a shell should be changed to take an IWorkbenchSite (ASSIGNED)
Bug 138359. [ProblemsView] Filters not restored on import (FIXED)
Bug 177337. Make nested services API (ASSIGNED)
Bug 194790. [DataBinding] ObservableTracker/CompositeUpdater improvements (FIXED)
Bug 195137. [Viewers] Tooltip for multiline comment in History view hinders selection (REOPENED)
Bug 206745. [Commands] finish providing core _expression_ evaluation service (FIXED)
Bug 206839. [DataBinding] Add ViewersObservables.observeInput() (FIXED)
Bug 211926. [Markers] Invalid entries allowed for marker limits (FIXED)
Bug 212223. [DataBinding] Test case for DelayedObservableValue (FIXED)
Bug 212468. [DataBinding] Tests for StalenessObservableValue (FIXED)
Bug 213155. [Markers] Problems view: polish the 'Preferences' menu entry (FIXED)
Bug 213181. [ActivityMgmt] Activities pattern bindings should provide the option to use non-regular _expression_ strings (FIXED)
Bug 213480. [Markers] Line sorting using string sort in new markers view (FIXED)
Bug 215297. [DataBinding] DelayedObservableValue can cache incorrect value (FIXED)
Bug 215913. [Markers] Configure Contents uses radio style of siblings (FIXED)
Bug 215985. [Markers] Description column not sorting text (FIXED)
Bug 216146. [Decorators] Lightweight Decorator Manager holds onto element in lightweight runnable (FIXED)
Bug 216271. [Workbench] UI plug-ins need to change from lazy start to Bundle Activiation Policy (NEW)

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