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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080122-0800

Bug 58419. [Progress] "Run in Background" dialog should be possible to remember my decision (FIXED)
Bug 120691. [Markers] Expanded categories not persisted between sessions (FIXED)
Bug 146713. [OLE] In-place (OLE) document marked dirty when opened (ASSIGNED)
Bug 176986. [Markers] Move tasks into the problems view (FIXED)
Bug 195137. [Viewers] Tooltip for multiline comment in History view hinders selection (FIXED)
Bug 205043. [Commands] Dynamically loading plugin causes command framework error (REOPENED)
Bug 208335. [JFace] AbstractColumnLayout does not handle columns with minimum and weight correctly (FIXED)
Bug 213012. [Markers] New view filtering is hard to discover (FIXED)
Bug 213162. [Markers] Problems view: Clean up 'Configure Contents' (FIXED)
Bug 213168. [Markers] problems view: polish sort menu (FIXED)
Bug 213479. [Markers] Move more often used view menu items up (FIXED)
Bug 213480. [Markers] Line sorting using string sort in new markers view (REOPENED)
Bug 213718. [Viewers] OwnerDrawLabelProvider: bug with getData (FIXED)
Bug 214443. [Markers] Problem view filter created even if I hit Escape (FIXED)
Bug 214762. [Markers] "Filters" list should be "Show" (FIXED)
Bug 214763. [Markers] "Configure Contents" dialog needs title changed (FIXED)
Bug 215159. [PropertiesView] description of last selected item stays in status line after deselection (FIXED)
Bug 215356. [Markers] Need to warn if editing an unselected filter (FIXED)
Bug 215365. [About] Migrate about dialog to new signed content API (FIXED)
Bug 215945. [OLE] NullPointerException when saving an ole document (FIXED)

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