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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I 20071210

Bug 100688. [JFace] Geometry.setLocation does not behave as documented (FIXED)
Bug 127344. [Import/Export] Test failures due to sleep interrupted (FIXED)
Bug 152021. [Preferences] JAWS7.0 not working correctly for Eclipse preferences: not stating the results of filter (FIXED)
Bug 177740. [Contributions] menu contributions need to support checkEnabled (FIXED)
Bug 193814. [Progress] [Progress] Part leaked via ProgressAnimationItem.lastJobInfo (FIXED)
Bug 201293. [MinMax] NPE when maximixing a minimized window (FIXED)
Bug 204788. [Contributions] Second context menu created from MenuManager does not show (FIXED)
Bug 208456. [Workbench] StatusAdapterHelper does not check for unregistered status adapters (FIXED)
Bug 208602. [Dialogs] Open Type dialog needs accessible labels (FIXED)
Bug 209803. [Progress] Group job can't canceled with a single click of the cancel button (FIXED)
Bug 209804. [Progress] Job message in the group are not kept if they are sequential (FIXED)
Bug 211595. [Mac] update ui.carbon fragment to include about.html in source bundle (FIXED)
Bug 211646. [JFace] StructuredSelection.toList(...) allows modification to original selection (FIXED)
Bug 211647. [Workbench] 'Open Referenced Projects' dialog prompt ignores 'esc' key (FIXED)
Bug 211786. [DataBinding] ComputedList refinements (FIXED)
Bug 212002. [Markers] NPE in CachedMarkerBuilder.getMarkerItem (FIXED)
Bug 212008. [Presentations] Problemss View loses icon when it gets focus in n I20071204-1547 (FIXED)
Bug 212038. [Preferences] WorkbenchPreferenceManager mishandles dynamic contributions (FIXED)

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