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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20071104-0800

This week's ibuild contains a fine assortment of fixes and enhancements for your UI pleasure...

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 19229. Changing color scheme in windows messes up view colors (FIXED)
+ Bug 23146. [Perspectives] Prompt when deleting an open Perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 36446. [Contributions] widgets: Associating Actions with Buttons (FIXED) + Bug 78746. [Contributions] [JFace] Compiler error message containing '& ' is rendered with '_' in status line (FIXED) + Bug 79581. [Commands] request: Declare a command for "Link with Editor" (FIXED) + Bug 102616. [Contributions] StatusLineContributionItem should be moved to JFace (FIXED) + Bug 146623. [Commands] Define command / retargetable action / keybinding for switching pages in a PageBookView (FIXED) + Bug 162505. [Markers] DCR: Make MarkerView API (to support client feedback view) (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 177334. SharedHeaderFormEditor needs services for header (FIXED)
+ Bug 177337. Make nested services API (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 184074. [MPE] Need API to disable key bindings in shared editor header (FIXED) + Bug 187956. [ActionSets] ActionContributionItem.MODE_FORCE_TEXT should apply to Buttons too (FIXED) + Bug 203595. [Contributions] SubMenuManager should use ListenerList's clear() method (FIXED) + Bug 204769. [MPE] MultiPageEditorPart.pageChange() sets focus unconditionally (FIXED) + Bug 205497. [Markers] Change the old marker view references to the new one (FIXED) + Bug 206043. [DND] Wrong operations mode/feedback for text drag over/drop in text editors (FIXED)
+ Bug 207838. [DataBinding] ComputedList contribution (FIXED)
+ Bug 208075. [Commands] File > Move in Project Explorer misses ellipsis (FIXED) + Bug 208462. [Perspectives] newly created project do not appear in the Project Explorer (FIXED) + Bug 209023. [Markers] New Problems view does not select current problem from editor (FIXED)
+ Bug 209239. [Services] Convert the ISelectionService (FIXED)
+ Bug 209240. [Services] Convert the IPageService (FIXED)
+ Bug 209873. [Workbench] [Incubator] Support dependency injection for contributed views, editors, etc (NEW) + Bug 210934. [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling] StatusManager#handle(StatusAdapter) should log that the adapter or status is null (FIXED) + Bug 210946. [Workbench] Unproper error handling in class ModalContext (FIXED) + Bug 211058. [WorkbenchLauncher] SplashHandler: org.eclipse.ui.splashHandlers must have at least 2 childElements, but one is optional (NEW)
+ Bug 211111. [Markers] NPE updating MarkersView (NEW)
+ Bug 211122. [Markers] Errors 'Marker id 301832 not found.' logged when opening new Markers view (FIXED) + Bug 211179. [DetachedWindows] Detached eclipse windows may render outside desktop (FIXED)
+ Bug 211212. Cannot delete a bookmark in the new markers view (FIXED)
+ Bug 211213. Support parameterization in ExtendedMarkersView (FIXED)
+ Bug 211294. [Workbench] chkpii failure in N20071128-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 211493. [Markers] [Markers] New Markers view slows down traversal in Package Explorer (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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