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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI integration build submission

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 74724. [DND] EditorAreaDropAdapter should ignore non-existing resources should be disabled (ASSIGNED) + Bug 103810. [WorkbenchParts] Sites should release their part after part is disposed (FIXED)
+ Bug 151688. [GlobalActions] [IDE] Allow to extend RefreshAction (FIXED)
+ Bug 185838. [Parts] CoreExceptions are thrown as PartInitExceptions by TextFileDocumentProvider (NEW) + Bug 202780. [EFS] Dirty editors are restored even if the project is deleted (FIXED) + Bug 203799. [Markers] All entry has duplicated entries with Java Problem Type (FIXED)
+ Bug 208052. [Markers] Tasks does not sort by completion (FIXED)
+ Bug 208994. [Markers] Revert to old Problems view (NEW)
+ Bug 209097. [Viewers] TreeViewer: Refreshing from a large number of entries to a small number of entries very slow (NEW) + Bug 209466. [Markers] Cannot select working set in Show Markers for Problems (FIXED) + Bug 209667. [Markers] Add a TODO filter (FIXED)
+ Bug 209706. [Trim] Need wrapping trim (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 209786. [Progress] Elements not refreshing on completion (FIXED)
+ Bug 209879. [Databinding] Inadvertent commit to UpdateValueStrategy and UpdateStrategy (FIXED)
+ Bug 209919. Widget is disposed exception in TreeViewer (NEW)
+ Bug 210124. [Markers] MarkersView not listening to the build jobs (FIXED)
+ Bug 210127. [Markers] All entry uses the problems view description filter (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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