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[platform-ui-dev] Help on UI Plugin in eclipse


Hi There!


I am developing an UI plugin in C++ (actually its C++ plugin being called from eclipse thru

JNI layer) on Linux. In the plugin I want to get the window handle (created by eclipse)

and fill the screen with content.


Now, on windows, the handle (that the eclipse sends to the plugin to know the window

to which we have to write the image) actually corresponds to HWND and on Mac, I am told

the handle corresponds to HIViewRef.


I wanted to know how to get the Gtk window from the “handle” parameter that eclipse

sends to plugin.


Can someone help?


The way its done on Windows is this way:


HDC dc = ::GetDC(myHWnd);

HDC mdc = ::CreateCompatibleDC(dc);

HBITMAP oldBitmap = ::SelectObject(mdc,myHBitmap);




I want to know the equivalent of the above on Linux (using GTK calls). Thanks!


With Best Regards,



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