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[platform-ui-dev] Resolving Resource Links

I apologize if this message is duplicated.  I received an error when I
sent it the first time.

I'm working on implementing an enhancement request that I have submitted

It involves notifying the user that a project being imported references
a resource variable that isn't defined in the workspace.

I'm looking in the
page createExistingProject method.

I'm able to access the project members and determine which ones are
links after the project has been created and opened.  From here, I use
the Workspace.validateLinkLocation method to determine whether the link
is resolved or not by checking the returned status for a value of

Does this sound like I'm heading in the right direction?  Are there any
special considerations I need to handle that might not be initially

I'm also looking for some help with the next steps to take.  I was
hoping to pop up a dialog displaying a list of undefined Resource
Variables.  The dialog would have a button that allowed the user to
define the variables.  Does this sound doable?  I am currently able to
display an ErrorDialog using the Display.asyncExec method.  Is this the
correct approach?

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