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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20071023

Bug 46164. [Tasks] Go To enabled for non-file markers (FIXED)
Bug 89610. [KeyBindings] preference page: IllegalArgumentException using KeySequenceText delete (FIXED)
Bug 136397. [ActionSets] toolbar: specifying pull-down forces plugin load (ASSIGNED)
Bug 164499. [Commands] org.eclipse.ui.commandImages documentation error (ASSIGNED)
Bug 189092. Can't Replace A Menu (FIXED)
Bug 197171. OpenActionMarker has unused optimization (INVALID)
Bug 198201. [DataBinding] Provide POJO observables (FIXED)
Bug 202893. [Contributions] F1 key does not work when context id set in (FIXED)
Bug 203334. [IDE] IDE help icon is not required (FIXED)
Bug 203753. [Markers] Errors expanding on every select (FIXED)
Bug 203789. [Markers] ShowIn menu has no sub entries (NEW)
Bug 203799. [Markers] All entry has duplicated entries with Java Problem Type (FIXED)
Bug 203805. [Markers] [Markers] Cheese after switching marker type in Markers view (FIXED)
Bug 204303. [GlobalActions] Convert MAXIMIZE and MINIMIZE to handlers (FIXED)
Bug 204428. [CommonNavigator] Project explorer shows new created projects twice (FIXED)
Bug 204458. [Commands] Allow menu and toolbars to fire execution events (FIXED)
Bug 204579. [GlobalActions] convert OPEN_PERSPECTIVE_DIALOG (FIXED)
Bug 204580. [GlobalActions] convert NEW_EDITOR (FIXED)
Bug 205070. [JFace] ImageDataImageDescriptor's hashCode doesn't correspond to its equals method (FIXED)
Bug 205331. [GlobalActions] Move "Uncategorized > Open File..." to "File > Open File..." (ASSIGNED)
Bug 205497. [Markers] Change the old marker view references to the new one (NEW)
Bug 205792. [Mac] Enhance org.eclipse.ui.carbon plugin in order to modify the system menus (FIXED)
Bug 206034. [CellEditors] ColumnViewerEditor does not check if the last cell editor listener has cancelled the event (FIXED)
Bug 206458. [GlobalActions] convert retarget actions (FIXED)
Bug 206475. [Markers] Switch the markers view to a non virtual view (FIXED)
Bug 206489. [Markers] Tasks column too small in the new markers view (FIXED)
Bug 206554. [DataBinding] Remove x-friends declaration from core.databinding MANIFEST (FIXED)
Bug 206752. [OLE] Error when opening not SQL files (ASSIGNED)
Bug 206754. [KeyBindings] CommandContributionItem does not pick the best key binding (FIXED)
Bug 207060. [Markers] Filtered count is -1 when not using marker limits (FIXED)

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