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[platform-ui-dev] Late I-build submission

My apologies - I forgot to do a build submission yesterday.  I have asked for a rebuild on the releng-dev mailing list.


The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 35358. [Global Actions] missing icon in File / Refresh menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 53617. [Icons] New/alternate icons required by platform-ui for 3.0 (FIXED)
+ Bug 88098. [Graphics] Some icons may be obsolete in the workbench (FIXED)
+ Bug 91047. [About] About dialog buttons seemingly not responsive (FIXED)
+ Bug 97676. [Preferences] Pref Page General/Editors/Content Types problems - File Associations (FIXED)
+ Bug 138078. [Preferences] Preferences Store for i18n support (FIXED)
+ Bug 139063. [Field Assist] - API - behavior of text insert not taking selection into account (FIXED)
+ Bug 164748. [FieldAssist] Content assist popup in Find Replace dialog for regexp covers regexp text (FIXED)
+ Bug 182059. [DataBinding] Expose conformance tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 184533. [Progress] ProgressIndicator uses hardcoded style for ProgressBar (FIXED)
+ Bug 187362. Problems when Windows folder not exactly same as Project name (FIXED)
+ Bug 190581. [Themes]Inconsistent presentation/theme names (FIXED)
+ Bug 191735. [About] Plug-ins table from About dialog should show sort arrows (FIXED)
+ Bug 192630. [FieldAssist] auto activation of proposal popup should be canceled on keystroke (FIXED)
+ Bug 200424. [Undo] Undo operation deletes a file from the file system (FIXED)
+ Bug 200762. [FieldAssist] SimpleContentProposalProvider filters out exact matches (FIXED)
+ Bug 202937. [FieldAssist] ContentProposalAdapter on Combo opens popup when a selection is made (FIXED)
+ Bug 203774. [Markers] configure filters dialog for anything but problems is empty (FIXED)
+ Bug 203784. [Markers] Switching between contents slow (FIXED)
+ Bug 203791. [Markers] Need the additions entry in the context menu (NEW)
+ Bug 203838. [Markers] [Markers] clicking on column headers does not sort table (FIXED)
+ Bug 203863. [Markers] Grouping should be optional and based on content provider (FIXED)
+ Bug 203974. [Markers] [Markers] markers view: Twistis on configure filter dialog not correctly laid out (FIXED)
+ Bug 204135. [Commands] Update CommandAction (FIXED)
+ Bug 204843. [Field Assist] - API - should deprecate FILTER_CUMULATIVE in ContentProposalAdapter (FIXED)
+ Bug 204902. [Markers] Quick FIx dialog should select all markers by default (FIXED)
+ Bug 204935. [Markers] MarkersView should use fixed default widths (FIXED)
+ Bug 205049. Other plug-ins should be able to define default content generator (FIXED)

The following projects have changed: