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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070911-0010

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 27842. [Working Sets] What is a working set type? (FIXED)
+ Bug 73872. [ActionSets] Action delegates promotes memory leaks (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 83307. [WorkingSets] Unable to restore working set item (FIXED)
+ Bug 136397. [ActionSets] toolbar: specifying pull-down forces plugin load (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 139298. [ErrorHandling] eclipse will silently fail to launch with invalid colorDefinition value (FIXED)
+ Bug 161044. [Import/Export] Error: Destination directory conflicts with location of workspace root (FIXED)
+ Bug 162505. [Markers] DCR: Make MarkerView API (to support client feedback view) (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 166761. [Actions] StepIntoSelectionActionDelegate "leaks" editor after close all (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 174345. [WorkingSets] IWorkingSetElementAdapter documentation is sparse/misleading (FIXED)
+ Bug 180747. [DetachedView] Detached variable view is not responding when it is opened from another perspective (REOPENED)
+ Bug 182059. [DataBinding] Expose conformance tests (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 184712. [Viewers] Label provider of a tree vewier is not called (FIXED)
+ Bug 198880. [DataBinding] ObservablesManager does not dispose model (FIXED)
+ Bug 198903. [DataBinding] ComboSingleSelectionObservableValue setValue() does not change selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 198904. [DataBinding] Listeners in swt Observables are not removed on dispose (FIXED)
+ Bug 198906. [DataBinding] SelectionProviderSingleSelectionObservableValue doesn't remove selectionChangedListener on dispose (FIXED)
+ Bug 199904. [WorkingSets] Move WorkingSetConfigurationBlock down to platform UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 200252. [JFace] Use logger instead of printStackTrace() in SafeRunnable (FIXED)
+ Bug 201906. [Viewers] 3.4 ColumnViewerEditor leaks ViewerCell instances. (FIXED)
+ Bug 201910. [Viewers] 3.4 TableViewer/TreeViewer#editElement() doesn't scroll the selected editor into view (FIXED)
+ Bug 202208. [ViewMgmt] Standalone View does not resize when implementing ISizeProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 202421. [Progress] JobInfo.canceled should be volatile (FIXED)
+ Bug 202424. Missing current theme causes crash on startup (FIXED)
+ Bug 202441. Typo in extension point description org.eclipse.ui.menus (FIXED)
+ Bug 202663. Presence of tweaklets during test runs causes grief (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:


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