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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20070731

Bug 162505. [Markers] DCR: Make MarkerView API (to support client feedback view) (ASSIGNED)
Bug 178946. [Viewers] ColumnViewerEditorDeactivationEvent should hold informations why the editor is deactivated (FIXED)
Bug 182800. [Viewers] FocusCellHighlighter#focusCellChanged(ViewerCell) should be replaced by focusCellChanged(ViewerCell,ViewerCell) (FIXED)
Bug 182822. [DataBinding] AggregateValidationStatus assumes a default Realm has been set (FIXED)
Bug 190210. Update ISV Workbench doc (FIXED)
Bug 195908. [Viewers] Keyboard navigation doesn't work when columns reordered (FIXED)
Bug 196921. [DnD] Wrong api doc for org.eclipse.ui.part.PluginTransfer (FIXED)
Bug 197962. chkpii error in N20070726-0010 (FIXED)
Bug 198035. [Viewers] Open API for Reordered Columns as proposed in 195908 (FIXED)

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