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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission For I20070717-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 29853. [Workbench] OpenWithMenu and setFile (FIXED)
+ Bug 35243. [Import/Export] File and Import and Export Dialog have inconsistent labels (FIXED)
+ Bug 46197. [Workbench] bogus javadoc for IMemento.TAG_ID (FIXED)
+ Bug 63075. [PropertiesDialog] The file size in the file Properties dialog and the file Properties view is not formatted for the locale (FIXED) + Bug 70370. [Viewers] ViewerDropAdapter couples auto-scroll and auto- expand (FIXED) + Bug 72489. [Dialogs] ErrorDialog resize behaviour should be improved (FIXED) + Bug 73092. [IDE] WorkspaceModifyOperation does not avoid updates, although comment indicates it does (FIXED) + Bug 74549. [Workbench] UIPlugin should remove initializeDefaultPreferences (FIXED) + Bug 82937. [Dialogs] There is no title in the dialog (FileDialog class) (FIXED) + Bug 85742. [RCP] Doc clarification required for IWorkbenchConfigurer.create* (FIXED) + Bug 93353. [Dialogs] InternalErrorDialog#buttonPressed should explicitly call super (FIXED) + Bug 93373. [Intro] TipsAndTricksAction should not use magic numbers (FIXED)
+ Bug 95292. [Intro] Help > Welcome missing F1 context (FIXED)
+ Bug 95882. [Progress] Provide toString() for PendingUpdateAdapter (FIXED) + Bug 96943. [Dialogs] [open type] Open Type dialog should open menu on Ctrl+F10 (FIXED) + Bug 97229. [Dialogs] ListSelectionDialog should be resizable by default (FIXED) + Bug 97667. [Preferences][PatchProvided] Pref Page General/Editors - problems (FIXED) + Bug 98467. [WorkbenchLauncher] [Preferences] Workspace path with comma (ASSIGNED) + Bug 101468. [Workbench] Incorrect doctype line in package.html files (FIXED) + Bug 103747. [Viewers] calling refresh on treeviewer in treeExpanded function, but it mess (FIXED) + Bug 107029. [Dialogs] API - Many resizable dialogs do not have a maximize button, but should. (FIXED) + Bug 107771. [WorkingSets] Working Set selection dialogs have thier own image caches (FIXED) + Bug 108479. [Preferences] Workspace preference page is not correctly vertically aligned (FIXED) + Bug 109389. [JFace] API - IntegerFieldEditor does not fire property change all the time (FIXED) + Bug 111034. Eclipse allows me to create a project named '.metadata' (FIXED) + Bug 121727. [Viewers] ContentViewer.getLabelProvider javadoc is wrong (FIXED)
+ Bug 121789. [Viewers] ColorAndFontCollector javadoc is wrong (FIXED)
+ Bug 121794. [Viewers] preservingSelection(Runnable) comments are stale (FIXED)
+ Bug 121796. [Viewers] getControl() contains no javadoc (FIXED)
+ Bug 121797. [Viewers] internalRefresh(Object) (FIXED)
+ Bug 123169. [Progress] NPE from JobInfo (FIXED)
+ Bug 124282. [Dialogs] TypeFilteringDialog: label has wrong case (FIXED) + Bug 128526. [ViewMgmt] Show View Dialog should remember size & location (FIXED) + Bug 128529. [ViewMgmt] Show View Dialog should be able to show a view's description (FIXED) + Bug 130315. [JFace] ImageRegistry.put(String, Image) cannot accept null Image (FIXED) + Bug 131989. [Browser] NullPointerException in WorkbenchBrowserSupport.createBrowser (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 135818. ITreeSelection does not offer getElementComparer() (FIXED)
+ Bug 138034. [Preferences] Label decorations page - extra space (FIXED)
+ Bug 140041. [Preferences] ConcurrentModificationException in WorkingCopyManager.applyChanges (FIXED) + Bug 142802. [Markers] FieldSeverityAndMessage should protect against uninitialzed images (FIXED) + Bug 144219. [Workbench] org.eclipse.tests.ui.harness has unneccessary reliance on ide (FIXED) + Bug 156852. [Wizards] New spelling error marking: add to dictionary and fix with dictionary (FIXED) + Bug 161026. [Wizards] ProjectContentsLocationArea uses wrong file separator (FIXED) + Bug 162505. [Markers] DCR: Make MarkerView API (to support client feedback view) (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 164662. [Workbench] Minor typo in IPageLayout (NEW)
+ Bug 165676. [JFace] Add javadoc to Window.close() to tell that no shellClosed event is sent (FIXED) + Bug 172261. [Actions] When rename a file in one project's navigator, the other selected file's name is renamed (NEW) + Bug 174228. [Preferences] PreferencePage javadoc needs tidying up (FIXED) + Bug 177767. [Markers] In task preferences dialog, negative value results in internal error (FIXED)
+ Bug 180248. [Progress] NPE in JobTreeElement.compareTo(...) (FIXED)
+ Bug 180701. [JFace] API - Popup dialog is creating image descriptors every time it is opened (FIXED) + Bug 180731. [Preferences] Appearance preference page should have keyword 'animations' (FIXED) + Bug 180989. [Progress] Stale API field in IWorkbenchSiteProgressService (FIXED) + Bug 182354. [Dialogs] API - make ElementTreeSelectionDialog usable with a FilteredTree (FIXED) + Bug 182505. [FieldAssist] API - ContentProposalAdapter needs hasProposalPopupFocus() method (FIXED) + Bug 184423. [JFace] ColorRegistry.getRGB(String) can return null (FIXED) + Bug 185347. [Progress] Concatenate task and subtask with ": " in ProgressMonitorPart (FIXED) + Bug 185500. [Common Navigator] DND allows to Drop Projects on Projects but shows error (FIXED) + Bug 185892. [Import/Export] Unexpectedly cursor moving in import dialog. (FIXED) + Bug 186344. [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer duplicates Working Set actions (FIXED) + Bug 187877. [EFS] Null pointer exception when getting path of FileEditorInput whose file does not exist (FIXED) + Bug 188269. [IDE] [Dialogs] - conflicting mnemonics caused by AbstractEncodingFieldEditor (FIXED)
+ Bug 188448. Javadoc for PathEditorInput#getPath is ambiguous (FIXED)
+ Bug 189636. Custom rule template failing (FIXED)
+ Bug 189867. [Preferences] [preferences] Editors prefs page should have keywords 'restore' and 'state' (FIXED) + Bug 189885. [Dialogs] SafeRunnableDialog class Javadoc contains special char: é (FIXED)
+ Bug 190360. [pde viz] Nodes appear on top of one another (FIXED)
+ Bug 191042. Missing since tags in schemas (FIXED)
+ Bug 191147. [CommonNavigator] Problem with selection causes view to fail to load (FIXED)
+ Bug 191694. [EFS] NPE in FileEditorInput.getPath (NEW)
+ Bug 192536. [Progress] Progress view doesn't differentiate between cancelled and canel requested (FIXED) + Bug 192577. Support explicit "Embedded" type for IReportItemPresentation (NEW) + Bug 193260. [Databinding] Incorrect javadoc for TextObservableValue (FIXED) + Bug 194353. [DataBinding] AbstractStringToNumberValidator caches message across validation requests (FIXED) + Bug 194587. [DataBinding] Policy.getLog().log() could be a bit more informative (FIXED) + Bug 194790. [DataBinding] ObservableTracker/CompositeUpdater improvements (NEW) + Bug 195152. [KeyBindings] NPE when opening Keys preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 196204. [Intro] SWT Welcome RSS Feed doesn't Work (FIXED)
+ Bug 196352. [WorkbenchLauncher] Null Display using Display.getCurrent() (FIXED) + Bug 196362. [Themes] Incorrect use of IThemeRegistry.HierarchyComparator in ThemeElementHelper.addDefaulted (...) (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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