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Re: [platform-ui-dev] RCP and org.eclipse.ui.ide

Yes, my missing that.I just really want point to navigator.

Right, There are an another Big problem:
How to declare plugin extensions on demand?
(Is not there a company advocate called "service on demand"?:)
for example,
just ide plugin,
I want to 30 extensions to declare
you just need 2 extension to declare.
How ?

so there must be a machenizm to solv it.
Just push a solution:
Add redefining support to plugin.
1, can do disable origin plugin.xml and manifest item,
of cause, can define some item which cannot be disabled, (seem not need.if you disable it, not works, so only thing you do is just "not disable it").
2,can do a new plugin.xml for some definition.


2007/7/15, Jörn Kottmann <kottmann@xxxxxxxxx>:
> org.eclipse.ui.navigator,
> org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources

For org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources you again need the ide plugin.
So if you want to do something with the resource plugin and RCP you
end up at the ide plugin. Which adds many contributions to your RCP

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