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[platform-ui-dev] Table viewer with checkbox compute error when image with large, is a bug or programming error?

I do TableViewer with label provider, give 2nd column wide image,
but 1st column show what i not wanted when updated.please see images.
which table with default behaviours.

bmp 1, show 2nd column no image
bmp 2, show 2nd column a image, but 1st column given a not proper width and location.
bmp 3, show 2nd column no image, double click header to autosize 1st column,show not width enough.
bmp 4, show 2nd column no image, resize 1st column with enough width, and double click to autosize it.



Attachment: table1.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

Attachment: table2.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

Attachment: table3.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

Attachment: table4.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

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