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[platform-ui-dev] new protocol in JFace for resizable dialogs

I've just added support in the Dialog class for subclasses to use a new method, isResizable(), to specify whether a dialog is resizable.  If the dialog returns true, then the style bits will be set up by JFace to include RESIZE and MAX behavior.  The intention of this method is to encourage all resizable subclasses of dialog to use the same style bits when creating their shell.  The default implementation of isResizable() returns false for backward compatibility.

This means that if your dialog currently calls setShellStyle to make itself resizable, it should instead override isResizable() to answer true.  This will have the benefit of ensuring your dialog uses the same style bits that all other resizable dialogs use.  I made a pass in Platform UI to clean these up, but there are many others.  

For more info, please see:


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