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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI Build submission for I20070530-0010

Problem reports updated

Bug 186677. [PerspectiveBar] Perspective switcher "show text" enables after saving prefs. (FIXED)
Bug 186814. [Min/Max] New restore images for the Trim Stacks (FIXED)
Bug 188808. [Preferences] Workbench Preferences dialog cannot filter default preference page (FIXED)
Bug 188958. [Min/Max] Dragging a view back into the presentation doesn't 'unzoom' (FIXED)
Bug 189161. [WorkbenchLauncher] Splash javadoc nits (FIXED)
Bug 189448. [Metadata] Organize Manifest update (FIXED)
Bug 189521. [QuickAccess] Ctrl+3 popup doesn't handle Home and End keys (NEW)
Bug 189694. ApplicationWindow#run() can hang Eclipse (FIXED)

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