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[platform-ui-dev] I20070523-1500 build submission

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 128927. [FastView] Problem occurs when "weclome" view be put into "Fast View" bar (FIXED) + Bug 140799. [Keybindings] Keyboard shortcuts don't work if a view is detached (FIXED) + Bug 172485. o.e.u.ide action sets need to be converted to commands and moved to ide.application (FIXED) + Bug 174378. [ViewMgmt] [Contributions] activating the view menu does not activate the view (FIXED)
+ Bug 175181. NavigatorSaveablesServices NPEs on shutdown (FIXED)
+ Bug 178284. [DynamicUI] [Contributions] Loading/unloading action set leaves handlers and keybindings behind (FIXED) + Bug 179077. [Graphics] Suppress red Xs in Help > About Eclipse > Plugin Details for unsigned jars? (ASSIGNED) + Bug 182308. [Contributions] [Doc] CompoundContributionItem's getContributionItems() method has no javadocs (FIXED) + Bug 184045. [JFace] TableColumnLayout leaves space for scrollbar, goes away when shell is resized (FIXED) + Bug 185067. [KeyBindings] New Keys pref page: cannot sort 'User' column (FIXED) + Bug 185107. [Themes] [europa] appearance preference page corrupted after switch wks (FIXED) + Bug 185891. [WorkingSets] Use safe runnable in AbstractWorkingSetManager.firePropertyChange (FIXED) + Bug 186801. [Min/Max] Un-detaching a View restores to maximized perspective (FIXED) + Bug 187069. [Min/Max] Adding a legacy fast view with a maximized part puts the view in the wrong stack (FIXED) + Bug 187546. [FastView] [Min/Max] Editor Area empty after perspective switch (FIXED) + Bug 187632. [Trim] [Min/Max] Closing the last perspective leaves minimized editor stack in the trim (FIXED) + Bug 187812. [KeyBindings] IBindingService.getActiveBindingsFor (ParameterizedCommand) does not work (FIXED) + Bug 187817. [Viewers] Can't select multiple items in "externalize strings" dialog. (FIXED) + Bug 187826. [Viewers] Active Editor is not closed before refreshing (FIXED) + Bug 187890. [Progress] [Decorators] Systems with many jobs can delay decoration >10 seconds (FIXED) + Bug 188056. [Preferences] PreferencePage s have to less indent in PreferenceDialog (NEW) + Bug 188357. [EFS] Export to tar not working with pluggable filesystem (NEW) + Bug 188467. [GlobalActions] CyclePerspectiveHandler leaks one image per perspective per switch (FIXED) + Bug 188588. [KeyBindings] [KeyBindings] missing keyboard shortcut for opening a view in my RCP app (FIXED) + Bug 188593. [KeyBindings] Conflicts with Emacs keybindings scheme in zh locale for same command (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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