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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070516-0010

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 137442. [DataBinding] (C)ComboObservableValue should bind to selection index (FIXED)
+ Bug 175817. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog should show "n items selected" in status line (FIXED)
+ Bug 178277. [StatusHandling] Missing javadoc in status handling (FIXED)
+ Bug 183650. [FieldAssist] ContentProposalAdapter with Text produces unwanted popup on Enter (FIXED)
+ Bug 183679. [QuickAccess] Polish QuickAccess dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 184502. [Contributions] conflict reported for 2 different contexts (NEW)
+ Bug 186403. [KeyBindings] provide conflict information to users outside of logging (FIXED)
+ Bug 186475. [ActivityMgmt] The wizard entry is displayed in the New dialog, even if activities extension is specified to hide the wizard entry. (FIXED)
+ Bug 186762. [WorkingSets] IWorkingSetManager#createWorkingSetNewWizard(String[]) does not work as speced (FIXED)
+ Bug 186768. [Trim] AbstractContributionFactory cannot be used (FIXED)
+ Bug 186808. [JFace] regression: JFace standalone apps should work without org.eclipse.osgi (FIXED)
+ Bug 186854. [Contributions] separator with visible="false" is still visible (FIXED)
+ Bug 187002. [Min/Max] SampleView appears minimized (FIXED)
+ Bug 187007. [Min/Max] non-closeable view gets close menu item (FIXED)
+ Bug 187020. [Min/Max] stand-alone views don't honor their state when minimized (FIXED)
+ Bug 187026. [Min/Max] non-movable views can be dragged out of minimized stacks (FIXED)
+ Bug 187046. [Min/Max] 'show title' false leads to missing icon in minimized stack (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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