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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070508-0800

Problem reports updated

Bug 173481. Bloopers on Problems view's Quick Fix Dialog (FIXED)
Bug 178875. all asyncExec calls from startup threads are being called prior
to the workbench being fully initialized (FIXED)
Bug 179364. [BIDI} BiDi3.3: Improper Ordering of File Path in Window Title
Bug 184087. [ActivityMgmt] Optimize performance of
MutableActivityManager#setEnabledActivityIds() (FIXED)
Bug 184632. [ErrorHandling] DynamicStatusHandler class has a compile error
Bug 184980. [WorkbenchLauncher] Three colors and a font leaked on switch
workspace dialog (FIXED)
Bug 185475. [Contributions] legacy actions become disabled in multipage
editors after being invoked (FIXED)


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