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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070427-0010

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 13221. [EditorMgmt] [RCP] dragging an external file onto the editor area should open it (FIXED)
+ Bug 78666. [KeyBindings] errors: No warning if keybinding definitions collide (FIXED)
+ Bug 122639. [WorkbenchParts] PageBookView's toolbar doesn't properly re-layout after page switching (FIXED)
+ Bug 140604. [KeyBindings] Keybinding from a viewer contribution is shown, but not handled (NEW)
+ Bug 147072. [JFace] CompositeImageDescriptor is lossy (NEW)
+ Bug 151990. [Progress] Task Name Not Displayed in ProgressMonitorDialog with openOnRun==false (FIXED)
+ Bug 153156. [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer filters dialog needs UI polishing (FIXED)
+ Bug 153924. [CommonNavigator] Project Explorer: ugly blinking when resizing Filters dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 162534. [Trim] Dock On-> bottom/top/ect not remembered when restored again. (FIXED)
+ Bug 164475. [Viewers] v3.2/v3.3 TableViewer sort performance much slower than v3.0.1 (FIXED)
+ Bug 170950. [ActivityMgmt] If activity for the fast view is disabled (FIXED)
+ Bug 171132. [DataBinding] Incorrect interaction between observeText(field, FocusOut) and Binding.updateModelFromTarget (FIXED)
+ Bug 171906. [DataBinding] API sanity pass (NEW)
+ Bug 172574. [IDE] DeleteProjectDialog inconsequent selection behavior (FIXED)
+ Bug 173248. [IDE] Failure in IDE.saveAll reports "An error has occurred when closing the workbench... (FIXED)
+ Bug 175135. [Menus] Multiple entries for Share Project in the new menu support (FIXED)
+ Bug 175146. [IDE] Review use of Bundle#start (FIXED)
+ Bug 175417. [Contributions] runtime exception in objectContribution selectionChanged sabatoges popup menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 176235. [Contributions] polish new keys preference page (NEW)
+ Bug 176399. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog should remove history items with Delete key (NEW)
+ Bug 177557. [PropertiesDialog] - clarify migration from objectClass to enabledWhen in propertyPage schema (FIXED)
+ Bug 178684. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when searching for debug exception breakpoint (FIXED)
+ Bug 178937. [Contributions] Disabled icon not shown in toolbar button for a disabled Action in ActionSet (FIXED)
+ Bug 178980. [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog should protect against null names (FIXED)
+ Bug 179205. [Import/Export] Basic Project Creation error reporting result in SWT thread access error (NEW)
+ Bug 182490. [WorkbenchLauncher] DBCS3.3: new workspace with copy layout makes invalid workbench.xml (FIXED)
+ Bug 182652. [Viewers] Performance of Penalty when using SWTCellFocusManager (FIXED)
+ Bug 182716. [IDE] Improve 'New' menu regarding projects (NEW)
+ Bug 182874. [Preferences] The width of the ColorSelector button is too wider than that of other buttons. (FIXED)
+ Bug 183013. [Wizards] Errror importing into linked EFS folder - "undefined path variable" (FIXED)
+ Bug 183596. BiDi3.3: Cannot open a workspace with an Arabic name (NEW)
+ Bug 183732. [DataBinding] swallowing the exception in get/set value of the JavaBeanObservableValue (FIXED)
+ Bug 184034. Test failures/errors occurred in the following:  org.eclipse.ui.tests.navigator_win32.win32.x86 (FIXED)
+ Bug 184088. [Min/Max] 'Orientation' menu entry does nothing for minimized stacks (FIXED)
+ Bug 184090. Test Status Handler should only be enabled when running the test suites (FIXED)
The following projects have changed:

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