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[platform-ui-dev] I20070424-0010 Build Submission

Integration Build (April 23, 2007, 7:12 p.m.)

Problem reports updated

Bug 136397. [ActionSets] toolbar: specifying pull-down forces plugin load (NEW)
Bug 138666. [EditorMgmt] provide mechanism for restoring editors without materialization (FIXED)
Bug 147072. [JFace] CompositeImageDescriptor is lossy (NEW)
Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
Bug 154140. Fix Net4j source plugins (FIXED)
Bug 168295. [Decorators] File icons with more than one Label Decoration get black background (NEW)
Bug 171126. [Viewers] TreeViewerRow: use iteration instead of recursion (FIXED)
Bug 171149. [Contributions] Convert platform actions to the new menus API (NEW)
Bug 171906. [DataBinding] API sanity pass (NEW)
Bug 172640. [Viewers] Virtual TreeViewer/ILazyTreePathContentProvider: preservingSelection and refresh not always working (FIXED)
Bug 173213. [Commands] Show View cannot be executed from the Command Composer (NEW)
Bug 176373. [Preferences] NLS33:button labels on Content Types Preferences truncated (FIXED)
Bug 176419. [Progress] Unlabelled progress monitors shiuld have a default value in the blocked jobs dialog (FIXED)
Bug 176525. Cleartext proxy password shown in Help->About->Configuration Details (FIXED)
Bug 178363. Navigate > Next/Previous and Ctrl+,/. don't work any more in Synchronize view (FIXED)
Bug 178858. [Wizards][ErrorHandling] Error in wizard page creation not logged (FIXED)
Bug 180205. [Progress] Progress view shows two entries for same job (FIXED)
Bug 180363. [LinkedResources] No way to create a linked resource based on a variable (FIXED)
Bug 180503. [Contributions] Updating UIElement from Command Handler not working (FIXED)
Bug 180542. [Contributions] Save action UIElement state incorrect at times (FIXED)
Bug 180674. [Presentations] Many colors allocated over and over again when opening same editor (FIXED)
Bug 180779. [Contributions] popup menus defined via org.eclipse.ui.menus do not appear (FIXED)
Bug 181155. [FieldAssist] Opening Find/Replace dialog flashes whole workbench (FIXED)
Bug 182110. Clean up new JFace Viewers APIs (FIXED)
Bug 182402. [JFace] FontRegistry.defaultFontRecord() leaks a Font (FIXED)
Bug 182443. [Viewers]Native tooltip behaviour lost when using ColumnViewerToolTipSupport (FIXED)
Bug 182602. [StatusHandling] Switching between non modal/modal dialog in WorkbenchErrorHandler (NEW)
Bug 182630. [DataBinding] org.eclipse.jface.databinding doesn't export org.eclipse.jface.databinding.wizard (FIXED)
Bug 182651. [FastView] WorkbenchPage.isPageZoomed class cast error (FIXED)
Bug 182747. Rename system default theme (FIXED)
Bug 182755. [DataBinding] infinite loop when binding to validation status (FIXED)
Bug 182780. [DataBinding] Default a converter for IStatus to String (FIXED)
Bug 182812. [Contributions] Lots of IllegalArgumentExceptions from CommandContributionItem (FIXED)
Bug 182898. [KeyBindings] IAE trying to open Keys (Experimental) preference page (NEW)
Bug 182926. Build N20070418-0010 Compile errors in build (FIXED)
Bug 182971. [Commands] Error in Bug73756Test#testUndefinedCommandIsActiveLogged (FIXED)
Bug 183034. [DataBinding] Content providers should support AbstractTableViewer (FIXED)
Bug 183036. Need to move HighContrast check out of the PreferenceInitializer (FIXED)
Bug 183167. [ErrorHandling] Assertion problem in testWizardWithNoDefaultContructor during N20070419-0010 tests (FIXED)
Bug 183190. [IDE] missing keywords for General > Workspace preference page (FIXED)
Bug 183438. [Viewers] AIOOBE in AbstractTableViewer (FIXED)
Bug 183599. Navigator tests failing in N20070423-0010 (FIXED)

The file has been updated for the following projects:




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