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[platform-ui-dev] Platform Ui build submission for I20070417-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 98144. Open view tests need degradation comment removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 138021. [Preferences][Themes] Appearance page cumulative fixes (FIXED)
+ Bug 153081. [Commands] commands doesn't recognize the objectcontribution for popups (FIXED)
+ Bug 153888. [Markers] Marker views update on each resource delta (was: Problems view flashes when launching anything) (FIXED)
+ Bug 166600. [DataBinding] Refactor tests to be in the correct packages (FIXED)
+ Bug 169985. [ErrorHandling] Hooking the error handling into jobs again (FIXED)
+ Bug 170381. [Viewers] Make Sorting and Filtering work for Virtual-Tables without ILazyContentProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 176419. [Progress] Unlabelled progress monitors shiuld have a default value in the blocked jobs dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 177449. [Themes] Font setting changes don't take effect until restart (FIXED)
+ Bug 177619. [Viewers] AbstractListViewer#setSelectionToWidget() doesn't care about the reveal flag (FIXED)
+ Bug 178280. [JFace] AbstractColumnLayout updating of column sizes not working correct on gtk (FIXED)
+ Bug 178367. [Min/Max] Stack 'selectedTabId' handling does no correctly handle multi-instance views (FIXED)
+ Bug 178858. [Wizards][ErrorHandling] Error in wizard page creation not logged (NEW)
+ Bug 178875. all asyncExec calls from startup threads are being called prior to the workbench being fully initialized (FIXED)
+ Bug 178906. Infinite error dialogs due to error closing error dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 178917. [Databinding] Create snippet to demonstrate Databinding for Table-Inline-Editing (FIXED)
+ Bug 179458. [Presentations] EditorArea shown when application restored (FIXED)
+ Bug 179580. [Menus] Action set not shown on startup (FIXED)
+ Bug 179582. [Menus] Enablement of menu item not updated (NEW)
+ Bug 179584. OpenCloseViewTest#showView:org.eclipse.ui.views.ResourceNavigator() should be removed from the fingerprints (FIXED)
+ Bug 179875. [Trim] [Presentations] NPE when using IStackPresentationSite#dragStart (NEW)
+ Bug 180805. [Markers] Performance issue when doing 'Select all' in Problems View with large number of warnings (FIXED)
+ Bug 181155. [FieldAssist] Opening Find/Replace dialog flashes whole workbench (REOPENED)
+ Bug 181535. [Viewers] test failure in N20070408-0010 on GTK (FIXED)
+ Bug 181616. [StatusHandling] StatusDialog formats a message with no parameters and does not use NLS (FIXED)
+ Bug 181729. [FastView] View ordering not restored on restart after minimize (FIXED)
+ Bug 181756. [WorkbenchLauncher] [BiDi] Bidi3.3: ProgressBar is not mirrored in mirrored eclipse (FIXED)
+ Bug 181839. [Min/Max] Mazimizing the editor area causes it to lose focus (FIXED)
+ Bug 181950. [WorkbenchLauncher] [BiDi] BIDI3.3<HCG:Undesired order of dir path when selecting threw "Workspace Launcher"> (FIXED)
+ Bug 181982. [Viewers] content provider in TreeTest should return children when getElements is called (NEW)
+ Bug 181991. [Contributions] ContributedAction leaks editors (FIXED)
+ Bug 182013. [Viewers] Viewer#setSelection() reveals for TreeViewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 182190. [Wizards] getControl assert on wizard page has no message (NEW)
+ Bug 182395. [Workbench] Workbench not disposing default images (FIXED)
+ Bug 182443. [Viewers]Native tooltip behaviour lost when using ColumnViewerToolTipSupport (REOPENED)

The following projects have changed:

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