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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070410-0010

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 44295. [WorkbenchParts] Workbench-Shutdown/Startup:
Saving/Restoring Cursor Positions in Texteditor-Windows (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 113957. [ErrorHandling] Difficult to interpret error dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 132424. [Markers] Quick Fix dialog problems (FIXED)
+ Bug 154398. [Dialogs] Javadoc -
IconAndMessageDialog.createMessageArea assumes parent composite is
using GridLayout (FIXED)
+ Bug 157879. [CommonNavigator] Link With Editor should be at the
bottom of the view menu (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 169637. [DataBinding] Multiple validation statuses per binding (FIXED)
+ Bug 170903. Implement AnimatedTabItem using the Animation Engine (NEW)
+ Bug 172113. [Workbench] The default browser
handler(DefaultWebBrowser) in ui.workbench doesn't work on SLED10
+ Bug 172352. [Presentations] Leakage: system menu not disposed for
TabbedStackPresentation (FIXED)
+ Bug 175742. [Markers] contributed marker resolutions only showing
first contribution (FIXED)
+ Bug 176235. [Contributions] polish new keys preference page (NEW)
+ Bug 176993. [Wizards/BiDi] JFace Wizard background image not
mirrored for Bidi Languages (FIXED)
+ Bug 177181. [Min/Max] Editor area state not perspective based (REOPENED)
+ Bug 177405. [Preferences] Layout issues with Text Boxes and Scrollbars (FIXED)
+ Bug 177434. [Wizards] New Project wizard is not big enought in High
Contrast (FIXED)
+ Bug 177438. Accessibility : Preferences Dialog UI has problems in
High Contrast Mode on SLED 10 (FIXED)
+ Bug 178989. [Min/Max] Handle 'non-standard' stack/view types (NEW)
+ Bug 179036. [Commands][Contributions][Context][KitchenSink] verify
expression evaluation characteristics (FIXED)
+ Bug 179089. [ViewMgmt] Provide API to set a view's busy state (REOPENED)
+ Bug 179094. [min/max] switch between perspectives ends up with
maximizing the active view of the first perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 179408. [DataBinding] Externalize Date Format (FIXED)
+ Bug 179409. [DataBinding] Rework StringToBooleanPrimitiveConverter (FIXED)
+ Bug 179551. [Undo] DefaultOperationHistory should write exceptions
to log when running in Eclipse (FIXED)
+ Bug 180242. [DND] Drag and drop test errrors (NEW)
+ Bug 180394. [DND] [EditorMgmt] Simple D&D strategy for editors and
multiple windows (FIXED)
+ Bug 180415. Implement "Kelvin Colours" (FIXED)
+ Bug 180466. [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling]
StatusManager#getManager() can't return null (NEW)
+ Bug 180928. [Commands] NPE in ToggleBreakpointAction.getDocument (FIXED)
+ Bug 181061. [Viewers] JFace viewers performance issues in 3.3 (FIXED)
+ Bug 181535. [Viewers] test failure in N20070408-0010 on GTK (NEW)
+ Bug 181613. [FastView] Min/max rectangle should use stack border
colour (FIXED)
+ Bug 181624. [Contributions] [ActivityMgmt] new menu story does not
acknowledge activities (FIXED)
+ Bug 181668. The readmetool example has un-externalized labels (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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