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[platform-ui-dev] I-build Submission

The file has been updated to include the following changes:

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 19462. [Wizards] WizardDialog always reserves space for progressbar (FIXED)
+ Bug 46469. [Contributions] widgets: Tooltips for menu/toolbar items should include all key bindings (FIXED)
+ Bug 85608. [ViewMgmt] [EditorMgmt] Create option to disable views that open automatically (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 130281. [Dialogs] Empty error message shouldn't take focus in JFace InputDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 147448. [Viewers] TreeViewer holds on to filters after being disposed (FIXED)
+ Bug 165838. [Keybindings] Creating a key binding on "new untitled empty text file" weirdness (FIXED)
+ Bug 173027. [KeyBindings] Ctrl+Enter for preview does not work (maximizes editor) (FIXED)
+ Bug 173844. [WorkbenchLauncher] Splash not showing progress, error "Could not instantiate splash" in log (FIXED)
+ Bug 176001. [WorkbenchLauncher] NPE in BasicSplashHandler (FIXED)
+ Bug 176501. Dynamic StatusHandler Failures in N20070306 (NEW)
+ Bug 178277. [StatusHandling] Missing javadoc in status handling (NEW)
+ Bug 178394. NPE in marker adapter buildAll markers (FIXED)
+ Bug 178523. [WorkbenchLauncher] clean up BasicSplashHandler (FIXED)
+ Bug 178654. Add test suites for DecoratingLabelProvider (NEW)
+ Bug 178780. [MPE] Improve MultiPageEditorPart.setActiveEditor (FIXED)
+ Bug 178914. [Trim] Maximize/restore on new presentation makes part lose focus (FIXED)
+ Bug 178956. [Preferences] Preferences Dialog does not protect against exceptions on close (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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