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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070109

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 48939. [WorkingSets] New working set should preselect with UI selection (FIXED) + Bug 57996. [key binding] DBCS: Content-Assist Key conflicts with toggle-key of Wnn (FIXED)
+ Bug 94461. [About] Indicate whether plug-ins are signed (FIXED)
+ Bug 140697. [Viewers] selection not preserved when setting has children (FIXED) + Bug 155650. [Preferences] Accessibility: Tab can't access to the "Forward to..." Split button on Preferences window (FIXED) + Bug 166619. [Trim] TrimLayout.computeSize hardcoded to return 0, 0 (NEW)
+ Bug 168341. [DataBinding] make setting of the default realm safe (NEW)
+ Bug 168379. [EditorMgmt] Investigate possible editor tab management improvements (NEW)
+ Bug 168424. [WorkingSets] roll with elementAdapterClass in IDE (FIXED)
+ Bug 168536. [Dialogs] Tests for FilteredResourcesSelectionDialog and SearchPattern (NEW) + Bug 169226. [ErrorHandling] Hooking the facility into Decorators, Progress and Handlers (FIXED) + Bug 169228. [ErrorHandling] Hooking the status handling facility into Douglas' components (FIXED)
+ Bug 169346. [ErrorHandling] Changes in status handlers' API (FIXED)
+ Bug 169473. Failures in N20070103-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 169529. [Databinding] Bug in WritableList.addAll (FIXED)
+ Bug 169543. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog changes required by the JDT team. (FIXED) + Bug 169778. [ErrorHandling] NPE in org.eclipse.ui.internal.ide.StatusUtil [PatchAttached] (FIXED) + Bug 169804. [DataBinding] Web conference / EclipseCon presentation (NEW)
+ Bug 169843. Leak Tests failing in N20070106-0010 (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

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