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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for I20070102

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 44295. [WorkbenchParts] Workbench-Shutdown/Startup: Saving/ Restoring Cursor Positions in Texteditor-Windows (ASSIGNED) + Bug 118107. [DynamicUI] [WorkingSets] WorkingSetDescriptor (org.eclipse.ui.internal.registry) caches IConfigurationElement causing intermittent crash (FIXED)
+ Bug 153957. [FastViews] Create Multiple FVB's (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 164615. [JFace] ToolTip should respect Display.boundaries (FIXED)
+ Bug 165375. [QuickAccess] should not match on categories (FIXED)
+ Bug 165945. [rulers] Support in-place CVS annotation ruler in PDE editor (FIXED) + Bug 167647. [WorkingSets] Adding arbitrary elements to working sets (ASSIGNED) + Bug 168218. [WorkingSets] IWorkingSetUpdaters are not unloaded when declaring bundles are unloaded (FIXED) + Bug 168379. [EditorMgmt] Investigate possible editor tab management improvements (NEW) + Bug 168442. [Quick Access] Quick Access should not close when user tries to select a Node (FIXED) + Bug 168527. [ErrorHandling] Hooking the facility into Kim's components (FIXED) + Bug 168686. [WorkingSets] ElementAdapter/Updater loading is keyed on bundle activation rather than availability of the specified class (FIXED) + Bug 168704. [Viewers] ViewerRow constructor default access - cant subclass (FIXED) + Bug 168709. [Viewers] Request to open up ViewerColumn#setEditingSupport (FIXED)
+ Bug 168720. [Progress] No prompting on errors from jobs (NEW)
+ Bug 168806. [DataBinding] Realm.ensureWorkerThreadIsRunning() doesn't start a new thread (FIXED) + Bug 168901. [QuickAccess] Quick Access Dialog should include properties (FIXED) + Bug 169275. [DataBinding] IConverter javadoc references nonexistant methods (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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