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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Build Submission: warmup to 3.3M4 at 00:10

Here is one more:

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 154122. [EditorMgmt] Enable background saving of editors (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

On 12/10/06, Paul Webster <paulweb515@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 105041. [IDE] Double-clicking on a closed project should open it (FIXED)
+ Bug 117079. [KeyBindings] registry: BindingPersistance should clean
up its preference store listener (FIXED)
+ Bug 118429. [DataBinding] Validation should use IStatus, not just
Strings (FIXED)
+ Bug 125327. [Dialogs] Error message shown in the InputDialog is not
fully visible (FIXED)
+ Bug 139211. "Open Referenced Projects" dialog pops up even when
there are no referenced projects (NEW)
+ Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 154329. [Viewers] Provide widget independent TableViewer
implementation (FIXED)
+ Bug 160959. [EFS] IDE.openEditor fails to open system editors for
links referencing non-local IFileStore URIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 164134. [DataBinding] 3.2 compilation errors in
AbstractObservableTree and ObservableMapLabelProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 164182. [StatusHandling] Comments on new StatusManager API (FIXED)
+ Bug 164653. [DataBinding] Ensure and document thread safety (NEW)
+ Bug 164757. [DataBinding] ComputedValue snippet (FIXED)
+ Bug 165691. [Preferences] Need help and description support for
settingsTransfers (FIXED)
+ Bug 166346. [Viewers] ViewerRow#getCell(Point) not working for
Viewers without columns (FIXED)
+ Bug 166635. [Viewers] DelegatingCellLabelProvider breaks
OwnerDrawLabelProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 166706. [Databinding] WritableList.clear() does not clear the list (FIXED)
+ Bug 166789. [Preferences] Warnings to log when switching workspaces (FIXED)
+ Bug 166800. The Status Handling hooking into Eclipse (FIXED)
+ Bug 167170. [Markers] Need to check for duplicate filter names (FIXED)
+ Bug 167183. [ActivityMgmt] Activities property tester should test on
IWorkbench instead of Object (FIXED)
+ Bug 167204. [DataBinding] Ensure that getterCalled() is invoked
correctly in WritableList (FIXED)
+ Bug 167231. Hooking the status handling facility into the log (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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