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[platform-ui-dev] Refactoring to take place on 'org.eclipse.ui.menus' Extension Point schema

The Platform UI team is in the process of refactoring the (crippled) 'org.eclipse.ui.menus' extension point to bring it into alignment with the updated 'common menu additions' story . This extension point had already been declared as being inoperative except for the subset used to declare 'trim' additions. The intention is to -remove- all other elements and fields except for the trim addition subset (which includes only the 'widget' and 'group' elements and their contained sub-elements). If anybody thinks that this will cause them issues please reply with your concerns.

Also, the implementation of the trim contribution handling will be changing at the same time and is currently capable of handling the 'generic' style trim addition (as defined in the schema's example section). Eclipse users who are contributing trim are welcome to respond with their trim addition XML (obfuscate as desired, I'm only interested in the format) so I can ensure that we cover all existing scenarios.

Barring any responses indicating serious issues the new schema / parsing will appear in the M4 build...


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