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[platform-ui-dev] JFace Data Binding meeting notes for November 30, 2006

Below are the meeting notes from the recent JFace Data Binding meeting.

Nov. 30th, 2006 @7:00pm MST

Boris Bokowski
David Orme
Brad Reynolds

API Changes (trying to make changes by M4):
1. make validators return IStatus ( show_bug.cgi?id=118429 )
   2. API sanity pass / documentation
3. Event Objects ( id=147530 ): use interfaces for typed listeners and wrap in adapter class when listener is added 4. event ordering problem ( show_bug.cgi?id=147128 )
          * list of customers
          * text field: selected customer's zip code
* combo items: selected customer's possible cities (depends on zip code) * combo selection: selected customer's city (depends on zip code)
          * selected customer's state (depends on zip code)
          * Dave commits to writing this as a scenario test
* Possibly for M4, we just need to understand the problem hopefully before the community conference call 5. Thread safety ( id=164653 ): only effects implementations of IObservable. Rename current method to doSetValue(...) and make setValue(...) final. Investigate solutions for ObservableSet, ObservableList, etc. with a possibility of providing a method like Widget.checkWidget() to IObservable implementations via abstract implementations.

New Functionality:
1. observable tree ( id=161435): Work in progress. Boris spoke with the debug team and attempted to take some of their ideas and bring them into data binding. Not critical to get done before M4. 2. virtual support - Dave would like to see support so that he can create bindings for CompositeTable. Currently "get it done" solutions are employed for DayEditor. Need to look at debug implementations but this is going to require more thought. 3. builders for viewers, cell editing, etc. (https:// ): Need to investigate using the 3.3 APIs but have a way to run on 3.2.

1. Maturity of the new API -- When Dave's client should consider migrating. Can't happen until M4 or M5 at the earliest. 2. Community conference call - postpone until after M4 to get more code written 3. EclipseCon talk - ( not_accepted=0&page=sub/&id=3743&conference=2007 )
   4. API documentation - same as API sanity pass
5. Talk with Jesse Wilson from Glazed Lists - will occur around the same time as the community conference call

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