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[platform-ui-dev] 3.3 Build Submission

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 76850. [Preferences] [WorkingSets] [Import/Export] Save perspective layouts in preferences (FIXED) + Bug 135731. [Dialogs] Open resource dialog should honor Window Working sets (REOPENED) + Bug 137693. [Progress] Progress Dialog is huge and hides buttons during sync (FIXED) + Bug 153993. [Viewers] Common Baseclass for Tree/TableEditorImpl (FIXED) + Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 162005. [QuickAccess] Persist previous picks (FIXED)
+ Bug 162006. [QuickAccess] Make Ctrl-E extensible (NEW)
+ Bug 164394. [Decorators] Too many copies of OverlayIcon (FIXED)
+ Bug 164878. [Capabilities] Need a property tester for activities (FIXED) + Bug 164989. [Viewers] ColumnViewer#getColumnViewerOwner() doesn't respects column count (FIXED)
+ Bug 165306. Compiler warnings in JFace (FIXED)
+ Bug 165375. [QuickAccess] should not match on categories (FIXED)
+ Bug 165542. [Trim] NPE in WidgetProxy.fill (FIXED)
+ Bug 165650. [Viewers] Regression: Viewer with DecoratingLabelProvider does not render color (FIXED)
+ Bug 165690. [Preferences] Allow transfer of working sets (FIXED)
+ Bug 165908. Javadoc warnings in  N20061124-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 165911. [Workbench] workbench needs javadoc warnings set to the same values as JFace (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

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