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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20061114

There were some issues tagging org.eclipse.ui.statushandling but I believe I got it right.

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 44295. [WorkbenchParts] Workbench-Shutdown/Startup: Saving/ Restoring Cursor Positions in Texteditor-Windows (ASSIGNED) + Bug 77014. [Commands] request: Provide close view command and binding (FIXED) + Bug 139324. [Contributions] plugin XML giving parameters to IExecutableExtension causes spurious runtime warning (FIXED)
+ Bug 140049. [Dialogs] - deprecate ImageAndMessageArea (FIXED)
+ Bug 147563. [DataBinding] Need a standard factory for data binding contexts (FIXED) + Bug 149648. [Markers] Error accessing marker type. Marker id 2135563 not found. (FIXED) + Bug 156410. [Workbench] [RCP] SaveAllEditors ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException (FIXED)
+ Bug 160000. [DataBinding] Convert scenarios to official APIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 160303. [ErrorHandling] New EH facility (FIXED)
+ Bug 161025. [WorkbenchParts] SelectionListener possible bug (FIXED)
+ Bug 161716. [Perspectives] Premature end of file error when deleting a cloned perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 161848. [JFace] Javadoc quality in org.eclipse.jface (FIXED)
+ Bug 161906. [Markers] Default task priority sorting shouldn't be ascending (FIXED) + Bug 161922. [Metadata] Inaccurate org.eclipse.ui.ide.markerSupport extension point schema with respect to min / max element occurrences (FIXED) + Bug 162724. [Progress] "Building workspace" job message starts with colon (FIXED) + Bug 162805. [Undo] [IDE] Navigator Undo happens in UI thread with no progress (FIXED) + Bug 162920. [Undo] [IDE] - No prompt when deleting read only file via undo/redo (FIXED) + Bug 162964. [Undo] - Resource undo only works when Navigator is active (NEW) + Bug 163105. [Preferences] WizardPreferences export page not using dialog font correctly (FIXED)
+ Bug 163241. [Undo] Allow Undo notification to be turned off (FIXED)
+ Bug 163274. [JFace] Provide customizable ToolTip at JFace level (FIXED) + Bug 163324. [Activities] Disabling of activities by plugin_customization.ini setting broken (FIXED) + Bug 163474. [Undo/Redo] Wrong Tooltips for Undo and Redo actions (FIXED) + Bug 163589. [Undo] Tooltips for Undo and Redo have shortcuts but should not (FIXED)
+ Bug 163662. [Progress] ProgressManagerUtil javadoc  incorrect (FIXED)
+ Bug 163683. [FieldAssist] - Javadoc warnings in I20061107-0800 (FIXED)
+ Bug 163809. [Progress] NullPointer in AnimationManager (FIXED)
+ Bug 163840. [Undo/Redo] Asian language Undo and Redo menus have quick key in wrong location when Action is appended (FIXED) + Bug 163956. [Preferences] "Keep Next/Previous Part Dialog Open" confusing (FIXED) + Bug 164001. Themes schema needs to mention API fonts and colors (FIXED)
+ Bug 164133. NPE while filtering tree in Plugin Registry (FIXED)
+ Bug 164217. Javadoc warning in N20061111-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 164247. [DataBinding] NPE from ObservableMapLabelProvider when value is null (FIXED) + Bug 164268. [DataBinding] BeansObservables.observeList returns a list without an element type (FIXED) + Bug 164375. [Undo] - WorkspaceUndoUtil shouldn't reset change count for any context (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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