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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for I20061107

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 69254. [Viewers] CCombo needs a viewer too (CComboViewer?) (FIXED)
+ Bug 137879. Unable to specify resources in zip filesystem (FIXED)
+ Bug 140944. [Themes] PERF: org.eclipse.ui.themes.ColorUtil.process should cache result from getDeclaredFields (FIXED) + Bug 143535. [Field Assist] - example needs to vary placement of decorations (FIXED) + Bug 148357. [Field Assist] - API - provide access for closing the proposal popup (FIXED)
+ Bug 149055. [FieldAssist] Simplifying auto-completion scenario (FIXED)
+ Bug 162421. [FastView] 3.3. presentation: view locked after minimize - show - restore (FIXED) + Bug 162594. [Field Assist] - API - Allow ControlDecoration to uninstall from a control (FIXED) + Bug 162655. [Undo] [IDE] - Undoing a delete should check for existence of resources to be restored (FIXED) + Bug 162724. [Progress] "Building workspace" job message starts with colon (FIXED)
+ Bug 162964. Resource undo only works when Navigator is active (NEW)
+ Bug 163096. [Undo] WorkspaceUndoUtil#delete should not attempt to open project (FIXED)
+ Bug 163245. [Progress] make the progress viewer virtual (FIXED)
+ Bug 163360. [Field Assist] - API - Provide ControlDecoration constructor without specifying decoration (FIXED) + Bug 163461. [Field Assist] - API - ControlDecoration should work with image+text, not FieldDecoration (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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