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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for M3 warm-up (I20061030-0800)

I'm sorry - I missed the first warm-up build. The changes listed below will be in the I20061030-0800 build.


The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 124783. Major problems on x86_64 (DUPLICATE)
+ Bug 144703. [FieldAssist] DecoratedField does not play well with Forms (FIXED)
+ Bug 145622. [FieldAssist] Allow underlying Control to be created manually instead of through IControlCreator (FIXED)
+ Bug 153957. [FastViews] Create Multiple FVB's (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 160918. [KeyBindings] Nullpointer exception in Win > Pref > General > Keys (FIXED)
+ Bug 161000. [Metadata] org.eclipse.ui.workbench MANIFEST.MF is polluted (FIXED)
+ Bug 161303. [Commands] handlers: StackOverflowError in ActionHandler framework (FIXED)
+ Bug 161401. [Viewers] Tweak ColumnViewer-API (FIXED)
+ Bug 161716. [Perspectives] Premature end of file error when deleting a cloned perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 161902. [JFace] Enhancements to GridLayoutFactory.margins (FIXED)
+ Bug 162033. [Viewers] test failure in VirtualLazyTreeViewerTest.testSetInput (WORKSFORME)
+ Bug 162095. [Workbench] Add default icons to Quick Access (FIXED)
+ Bug 162425. Javadoc warnings in N20061026-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 162443. [Undo] DeleteResourcesOperation halts Bug99858Test on linux (FIXED)
+ Bug 162455. [Themes][Trim] View and Editor Folders theme category doesn't show with 3.3 presentation (FIXED)
+ Bug 162460. [Undo] - DeleteResourcesOperation doesn't allow deletion of closed project (FIXED)
+ Bug 162469. [Undo] - CopyProjectOperation does not handle closed project (FIXED)
+ Bug 162497. [Field Assist] - need a ControlDecoration for table rows (NEW)
+ Bug 162546. [Field Assist] ControlDecoration leaks listeners installed on parents (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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