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[platform-ui-dev] new Min / Max behaviour in M3

I've just committed a complete re-implementation of the new min/max behaviour (wrapped in the experimental 3.3 Presentation). This removes all the changes to the original FastViewBar code and switches to using new 'TrimParts' to manage the state.


Respects lazy loading behaviour

Correctly manages the initial trim position and the location of the shown fastview pane based on the trim's position (i.e. vertically oriented views will show on the left side if the trim is on the left side of the bottom area and on the right it that's where the trim stack is located.

Has an 'Editor Area' Trim part that allows discreet control over the editor area (i.e. you can reatore it if you've 'zoomed' a view stack...).

Known Issues:

Min/max button state isn't maintained across restarts. You may have to 'cycle' the button by clicking it on a restart
Ctrl-M can be used to maximize but won't minimize (you have to click the button).
The Intro view doesn't appear (the viiew appears but is empty).

Views that are shown in one perspective and are in the trim in another will not disappear (they 'float' in the presentation) when switching to the perspective in which they're in the trim. Simply clicking icon to show/hide it will clean things up.

The location of the trim stacks (if moved by the User after creation) is only maintained for the perspective that is active at the time the workbench is closed. This will be addressed with the upcoming trim layout changes (since it's really a bug in the trim management, not the min/max work.)


P.S. I'm away on vacation until Monday Nov 6th....;-)

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