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[platform-ui-dev] Vote for commit rights for Brad Reynolds

I would like to suggest that we extend commit rights for JFace data binding
to Brad Reynolds <bradleyjames@xxxxxxxxx>, specifically to the following


Brad has contributed numerous patches to the JFace data binding framework
and tests over the last months.  His contributions are of high quality, and
best of all, always backed by JUnit test cases.

Please send your votes to this list.  I am voting +1 of course.

Here is a list of bugs he provided patches for, in no particular order:

Bug 158687 [Databinding] WritableValue throws ValueChange events when a
change has not occurred
Bug 152543 [DataBinding] ValueBinding NPE when update target from model is
Bug 152540 [DataBinding] Provide a way to create an unmodifiable decorator
for an IObservableList
Bug 135316 [DataBinding] Unexpected behavior from BindSpec converter and
validator setters
Bug 135446 [DataBinding] Provide javadoc for TextObservableValue
Bug 137425 [DataBinding] ValidationError javadoc makes references to
Bug 137877 [DataBinding] StructuredViewerObservableValue javadoc and code
Bug 139407 [DataBinding] TestMasterDetail not updating when changing Person
Bug 146435 [DataBinding] Mocks InvocationHandler throws an exception when
returning primitive type
Bug 147545 [DataBinding] When attempting to fire a stale event
AbstractObservable throws ClassCastException
Bug 134600 [DataBinding] DefaultBindingSupport.isAssignableFromTo() creates
new Booleans
Bug 134750 [DataBinding] TextObservableValue throws NPE on change if the
intial model value is null
Bug 134879 [DataBinding] Provide toString implementations for
implementations of IDiff
Bug 155164 [Wizards] Invoking results in superfluous
FocusOut events
Bug 141435 [Viewers] ListViewer without a selection loses scrolled state
when refreshed


Boris Bokowski
Eclipse Platform/UI committer
IBM Rational, Ottawa Lab

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