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Re: [platform-ui-dev] JFace data binding

Looks good Boris.  I was able to get all the functionality I had
before with the subset of API that you exposed.

I have filed two bugs on the changes though:

Bug 156030 has a workaround but is functionality lost.
Bug 156031 has to do with internal/provisional api being exposed in
arguments or return values.

Also, I would put some sort of note in the JavaDoc about the need to
add a BindSupportFactory since the class doen't work without one.
Maybe point the users to the Default one provided by Eclipse.  Could
be confusing to a new user of the class.


On 8/31/06,  Boris Bokowski <Boris_Bokowski@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I started moving a subset of the internal.provisional "API" into actual API packages.  For details, see the bugzilla:

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