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[platform-ui-dev] Re: Build Submission: I20060822-0800

The map file has been updated for I20060822-0800.  The following fixes
are included:
+ Bug 857. Bug 857 - exception in 'getting started' page (1GEUXRR)
+ Bug 132215. [KeyBindings] SelectAll doesn't work in Swing widgets in dialogs
+ Bug 139004. Saveables framework does not handle properly non-part
saveables sources
+ Bug 142329. SlaveContextService does not accept NULL expression
+ Bug 142333. NestableContextService does not support NULL expression
+ Bug 144294. Performance: CommonNavigator could easily cache its
ISelection to improve its performance
+ Bug 145431. [KeyBindings] TVT3.2:TCT857: DA: Incorrect sort of dropdown list
+ Bug 149193. [Viewers] JFace Table and Tree Viewers need to handle
SWT events in an extensible way
+ Bug 151592. [WorkbenchParts] SaveablesList not unregistering my part
+ Bug 152052. [CommonNavigator, Saveables] Common Navigator's
saveables framework does not work in Java projects
+ Bug 152170. [FilteredTree] Make it easier to use other viewers
+ Bug 153503. [Viewers] ComboViewer#setSelection does't select element
w/o equals override
+ Bug 153552. [LinkedResources] LinkedResourceDecorator shows wrong
decoration for non-local targets
+ Bug 153766. [IDE] Open properties via editor causes IllegalAccessException
+ Bug 153803. [Wizards] A primary INewWizard does not show up if it's
the only INewWizard and uncategorized
+ Bug 153832. [FilteredTree] need a createText(...)
+ Bug 153892. [WorkingSets] Select Working Sets is not "exlusive"
+ Bug 153943. [Viewers] Rename new API, e.g. RowPart -> ViewerRow
+ Bug 153957. [FastViews] Create Multiple FVB's
+ Bug 153994. [KeyBindings] Eclipse 3.2: Cannot modify key bindings
+ Bug 154064. Need a way to access the TreeItem or TableItem on a refresh
+ Bug 154211. Warnings to fix in 20060816
+ Bug 154260. [Commands] Correct org.eclipse.ui.handlers extension
point documentation
+ Bug 154289. [Viewers] - NPE in TreeEditorImpl.activateCellEditor

Paul Webster
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