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Re: [platform-ui-dev] IDE Application


Check out Chapter 11 of "Eclipse Rich Client Platform" by Jeff McAffer
and Jean Michel Lemieux. In addition, your might want to search and/or
ask on the newsgroups:





On 8/14/06, Markus Krueger <krueger@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hello there,

we are developing an eclipse application and use the IDEApplication as a basis instead of developing a new one. Since we are now at the point
where we would like to add a license or login dialog as the application starts, we are wondering if there is a way to do this on application startup.
We tried to use the org.eclipse.ui.startup extension point, but since this is called too late, we are not happy with that. We need something at the point where the "choose workspace" dialog appears. That would be great. Is there a way except creating an own application, or would it be possible to add an extension at this point?


Markus Kr├╝ger
Tel: 0211/92495-151
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