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Re: [platform-ui-dev] vertical ruler problem


From the Eclipse FAQ: Unless you are actively contributing to an Eclipse project, have a vested interest in the topic, or have special expertise to contribute, you should simply /read/ the archive for the mailing list and /ask questions/ on the corresponding newsgroups.

Having said, that, there is currently no way to dynmically change the width of the annotation ruler column from the outside. In an editor you control, you could override AbstractDecoratedTextEditor#createAnnotationRulerColumn and provide your own implementation that allows resizing.

Also see which is currently being worked on and provides an extension point for ruler columns.

HTH, tom

There is currenlty no way to do this

Stefaan Vleeschouwer wrote:
hi all,

I'm looking for a way to change the width of the vertical ruler on the
left where the annotations are displayed. I need to change this at
a bit like how the colum in which the linenumbers are displayed
expands if your projects exeeds 99 lines to accomodate line 100 if you
get what I mean :-)
I need this to accomodate largers icons for specific annotations

does anyone have an idea how I can do this?

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