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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for the I20060719-0800 maintenance build

The map file will be updated for the following fixes:
+ Bug 129359. [Metadata] UI plugins - externalize strings and plugin cleanup
+ Bug 136724. [CommonNavigator] Compile error decorations remain until the element is selected
+ Bug 137079. [CommonNavigator] (NeedsApproval) Add group id and associatedExtensionId to commonWizard
+ Bug 137642. [CommonNavigator] DnD shows item separator line
+ Bug 138364. [CommonNavigator] Common Navigator needs to adapt to IShowInSource and IShowInTarget
+ Bug 138670. [CommonNavigator] Flickering in the available customization dialog
+ Bug 139163. [Common Navigator] Content extension deactivation and dispose of label providers
+ Bug 139183. [CommonNavigator] Available customizations dialog does not honor dialog font
+ Bug 139626. [CommonNavigator] Default filtering of new content
+ Bug 140256. [Common Navigator] Stack overflow from NavigatorContentServiceContentProvider.findPaths
+ Bug 140582. [CommonNavigator] Drag and Drop expands tree even when drop disabled
+ Bug 142035. [Common Navigator] icon attribute of navigatorContent should be a resource type
+ Bug 142744. [FieldAssist] NPE in DecoratedField.updateControlAttachments(...)
+ Bug 143474. [FieldAssist] Info popup in ContentProposalAdapter shows obsolete information
+ Bug 144225. [FieldAssist] NullPointerException in ContentProposalAdapter$
+ Bug 144522. [Field Assist] - should proposal popup ever open if empty?
+ Bug 144675. [CommonNavigator] Filter selection not persisted between sessions
+ Bug 145233. [CommonNavigator] Empty CommonNavigator in RCP-application
+ Bug 145868. [Workbench] Remove unused messages from properties files
+ Bug 146265. [FieldAssist] Problems with vertical filled control
+ Bug 146788. [CommonNavigator] Interface IDescriptionProvider is not respected
+ Bug 147377. [Field Assist] - open proposal popup should close when there are no valid proposals left

The following projects have changed:

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