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[platform-ui-dev] 3.2.1 build submission for 20060712-0800

I have done the 3.2.1 build submission. Here are our fixed bugs.

Please note that I was unable to version 
and Anthony will need to version and update the map file.

Maintenance Build (July 11, 2006, 3:38 p.m.)
Problem reports fixed

Bug 60417 Configured activities not persisted
Bug 60706 Javadoc results browser has title "Help - Eclipse 
Platform" [javadoc]
Bug 60707. Datapool Editor: Dialogs should not show insertion point 
entries for elements that don't make sense.
Bug 106959. [Contributions] missing mnemonics in the main menu bar
Bug 109878. [PropertiesView] Tabbed Properties View needs to move to Core 
from WTP
Bug 119634. EFS UI Support in project wizard
Bug 125948. [TabbedProperties] Types should specify 
subclassing/implementing contract
Bug 125958. [TabbedProperties] Examples need strings externalized, and 
Bug 130171. [Markers] MarkerView tests should not have filters enabled by 
Bug 136130. [TabbedProperties] Incorrect package names in
Bug 138364. [CommonNavigator] Common Navigator needs to adapt to 
IShowInSource and IShowInTarget
Bug 139814. Exceptions after closing window with the Data Source Explorer 
view open
Bug 140893. [Metadata] No version range specified when requiring bundles
Bug 141192. [Viewers] Javadoc change about multiple equal elements in 
StructuredViewer and AbstractTreeViewer
Bug 141594. markerSupport is missing it's since 3.2 tag
Bug 143936. [TabbedProperties] Undo/Redo not working in Tabbed Properties 
Bug 143980. [TabbedProperties] Tabbed Properties View does not fetch the 
Adapter Manager
Bug 144144. Javadoc errors in N20060528-0010 build
Bug 144974. [Preferences] TVT3.2:TCT829: DE : Base : Truncation in Ant 
Preferences Panel
Bug 145755. [TabbedProperties] TabbedPropertySheetPage sends extra (and 
damaging) aboutToBeHidden on Project Expolorer selection
Bug 145837. [TabbedProperties] CCombo drawn without border on Windows XP 
with XP skin
Bug 148137. errors in Platform user and isv doc

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