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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for 20060620

Platform UI has submitted for the following bugs:

+ Bug 44861. [CellEditors] DialogCellEditor does not handle focusLost()
+ Bug 112045. [CellEditors] ComboBoxCellEditor doesn't set items if 
creation of control is deferred
+ Bug 114526. [Markers] Flashing in problems view when no update necessary
+ Bug 129755. [Decorators] CompositeImageDescriptor: Problem on overlay 
with transparent areas in PNG
+ Bug 130915. [Progress] 'X' button on completed task shows "Cancel Task" 
as tooltip
+ Bug 131851. [Progress] 'User Operation is Waiting' progress dialog is 
not accessible
+ Bug 132947. [DataBinding] small code style problems in 
+ Bug 135316. [DataBinding] Unexpected behavior from BindSpec converter 
and validator setters
+ Bug 135446. [DataBinding] Provide javadoc for TextObservableValue
+ Bug 135559. [Markers] Problem view sections collapse after manual build
+ Bug 136532. [DataBinding] Order of items is lost when binding to a 
+ Bug 137425. [DataBinding] ValidationError javadoc makes references to 
+ Bug 137877. [DataBinding] StructuredViewerObservableValue javadoc and 
code cleanup
+ Bug 137946. [Preferences] Mock 3.2 - Truncated strings in Preference - 
keys dialog
+ Bug 138190. [Wizards] Save As doesn't check validity of location
+ Bug 139407. [DataBinding] TestMasterDetail not updating when changing 
Person State
+ Bug 139542. [Progress] Infrastructure jobs should not be shown in System 
jobs mode
+ Bug 142172. [Wizards] Small overhead in WizardDialog
+ Bug 143474. [FieldAssist] Info popup in ContentProposalAdapter shows 
obsolete information
+ Bug 144556. [Dialogs] TitleAreaDialog fails to properly recreate when an 
instance is reopened
+ Bug 145842. TVT3.2:TCT870: Wrong reading order of path/file names
+ Bug 146265. [FieldAssist] Problems with vertical filled control
+ Bug 146435. [DataBinding] Mocks InvocationHandler throws an exception 
when returning primitive type
+ Bug 146892. [Metadata] org.eclipse.ui.keywords schema is inaccurate
+ Bug 147305. [Workbench] Fix detection of early event loop spinning in 
debug mode
+ Bug 147545. [DataBinding] When attempting to fire a stale event 
AbstractObservable throws ClassCastException
+ Bug 147727. UI incorrectly prevents overlapping project locations on 
+ Bug 147737. [Wizards] Delete dead multi step wizard code

The following projects have changed:

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