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[platform-ui-dev] Intended Platform UI defect submissions for RC4

For RC4 the platform UI team expects to address the following defects...

134727 - [WorkbenchParts] Double save prompt with view that implements ISaveablePart
137824 - [WorkbenchParts] Return ISaveablePart2.CANCEL from promptToSaveOnClose still closes the EditorPart
140572 - [Trim] Unable to load graphics library [GDI+ is required]
136724 - [CommonNavigator] Compile error decorations remain until the element is selected
139183 - [CommonNavigator] Available customizations dialog does not honor dialog font
140567 - [JFace] dialog has no icon or clipped error icon
140160 - [Field Assist] - JAVADOC ONLY- FieldDecorationRegistry API should specify that null dec description is allowed

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