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[platform-ui-dev] Fw: [platform-releng-dev] Updating 3.2 release notes

If anyone has anything they want in the UI section of the readme file 
please let me know by 0900h EDT on Wednesday.  Send me a small write-up 
(generally, a few sentences is sufficient) describing the problem and the 
workaround, as well as the bug number one exists (if no bug exists, there 
probably should be one). 


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Kim Moir/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA 
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08/05/2006 11:24 AM
Please respond to
"Eclipse platform release engineering list."


[platform-releng-dev] Updating 3.2 release notes

Could all component leads please review their team's "Known Issues" 
section of the 3.2 release notes...*checkout*/org.eclipse.platform-feature/rootfiles/readme/readme_eclipse.html?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/html#Known%20Issues 

Please verify that the issues listed for your component are valid for the 
3.2 release.  If changes or additions are required, please update the bug 
listed below with patches by noon Wednesday.  This will ensure the updated 
3.2 release notes will be incorporated into the builds toward RC4 starting 
Thursday morning 

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