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[platform-ui-dev] Plug-in based on the org.eclipse.ui.console's one


I 've to design and develop a plug-in (for eclipse) and I've to manage several sessions.
I would like to produce something comparable to the org.eclipse.ui.console plugin to manage the sessions.
What I have to display in a different views for each session is not textual (has in the consoles) but graphics ( based on SWT and draw2D).

My questions are :

	- Do I need to design from scratch a new plugin or is the org.eclipse.ui.console adapted to my needs ?
		- In this case (reuse the console plugin)what do I have to modify ? 
			- create a "MyConsole" class which extends the "AbstractConsole" (instead of the TextConsole, IOConsole, 		  		MessageConsole)?
			- create a "MyConsolePage" class which extends "IpageBookViewPage" (instead of the TextConsolePage)?
			- don't use a Jface viewer as it's done (TextConsoleViewer)?

Thank you.


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