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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for 20060427 - 0800

The following projects have changed. I am assuming no one else wants any 
other submission but if I am wrong please let me know on the list before 
9PM EST tonight.

The map file has been updated for I20060427-0800.  The following fixes are 
+ Bug 34527. [Dialogs] "Select Perspective" dialog does not 
match invoking action
+ Bug 42056. [Dialogs] New Path Variable Dialog; lable alignment
+ Bug 55817. [Progress] Progress Information dialog appears on start bar, 
and shows up on wrong monitor
+ Bug 060417. Configured activities not persisted
+ Bug 66292. [Dialogs] InputDialog NPE when invoking setErrorMessage(...) 
too early
+ Bug 82064. [Dialogs] TitleAreaDialog#setTitleImage cannot be called 
before open()
+ Bug 90273. [Dialogs] ListSelectionDialog dialog alignment
+ Bug 95950. [KeyBindings] interactions: ALT/COMMAND+ARROW keybindings 
should be swapped on Mac
+ Bug 97565. [KeyBindings] preference page: AIOOBE trying to change key 
+ Bug 100993. [EditorMgmt][Presentations] Regression: Editor tabs do not 
remember order or active tab after restarting Eclipse
+ Bug 107107. Location.setURL does not provide sufficient information when 
failing to set the workspace location
+ Bug 109361. [Markers] Multiselection in problems view yields invalid 
status message
+ Bug 110169. [Navigator] ResourceNavigator.initWorkingSetFilter should be 
protected visibility.
+ Bug 111424. [Markers] Missing markerImageProvider extension for bookmark 
+ Bug 113370. [Dialogs] The window title SafeRunnable displays is always 
English in non-English language
+ Bug 125753. [CommonNavigator] Nav doesn't synchronize with file sys on 
+ Bug 125948. [TabbedProperties] Types should specify 
subclassing/implementing contract
+ Bug 127029. [JFace] [DND] LocalSelectionTransfer should be supported on 
the JFace layer.
+ Bug 127173. New API elements missing @since
+ Bug 127550. [Progress] Little text centred in a big view
+ Bug 128455. [Presentation] [ViewBar] Outline view toolbar is visible 
above a maximized editor
+ Bug 129599. Mark the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point as 
+ Bug 129841. [DynamicUI] Calling reg.removeExtension, then 
reg.addContribution not showing actionSet in UI
+ Bug 130297. [Progress] dozens of "Scheduled refresh postponed due 
to conflicting operations" in Progress view
+ Bug 130315. [JFace] ImageRegistry.put(String, Image) cannot accept null 
+ Bug 130340. [Decorators] lightweight decorator blinking problem
+ Bug 131105. [EFS] CopyFilesAndFoldersOperation does not handle null 
+ Bug 131344. [project explorer] Nav not refreshing after adding xdoclet 
bean to existing project
+ Bug 132161. [KeyBindings] "Open Workspace" command should be 
"Switch Workspace..."
+ Bug 132550. [FastViews] BIDI:Fast Views become hidden when selected
+ Bug 132821. [Dialogs] Stored Dialog location and size invalid after 
changing font
+ Bug 133044. [JFace] - should we show error status when required fields 
are empty if they have required field emphasis
+ Bug 133416. Open with references should only prompt if necessary
+ Bug 133541. [Import/Export] 'testImportArchiveMultiProject is failing
+ Bug 133794. [KeyBindings] default keybinding for Window > Show View 
> Other...
+ Bug 135535. [KeyBindings] Key bindings lost in the Java editor
+ Bug 135787. need to adopt ICU4J APIs
+ Bug 135956. [Trim] no perspective switcher on resize
+ Bug 136130. [TabbedProperties] Incorrect package names in
+ Bug 136292. [Markers] problems view: NPE after delete
+ Bug 136475. [Trim] Graphic is disposed error on shutdown
+ Bug 136696. CHKPII error in org.eclipse.ui
+ Bug 136763. Performance improvements to BindingManager
+ Bug 136830. Close Unrelated Projects closes needed projects
+ Bug 136855. [IDE] Deadlock caused by IDEIdleHelper and HeapStatus calls 
to runFinalization from UI thread
+ Bug 136870. Progress bar in progress dialog too long
+ Bug 136921. [IDE] New File dialog locks for 20 seconds
+ Bug 136981. [Trim] Failing trim gives multiple error dialogs
+ Bug 137097. [Trim] provide a vertically oriented progress bar
+ Bug 137148. [Markers] Contributions to IMarker no longer show up on 
elements in the Problems View
+ Bug 137199. Generate Identifiers Test has very unstable Elapsed process
+ Bug 137227. [Trim] occasionally last moved trim is moved instead of 
+ Bug 137228. [Trim] right click to start a trim drag will position the 
cursor on the top right of the screen
+ Bug 137310. [CommonNavigator] NewActionProvider should use a different 
name than the marker
+ Bug 137315. [Dialogs] Doubleclickable area to restore dialog size is 
often very small
+ Bug 137330. [Commands] remove experimental keys preference page for 3.2
+ Bug 137334. [PerspectiveBar] Order of perspective bar items not 
maintained across sessions when coolbar not shown
+ Bug 137341. [WorkbenchParts] WorkbenchPage.closeEditors calls 
IWorkbenchPart.getSaveables after disposing the part
+ Bug 137356. [Markers] marker grouping not working as expected via 
+ Bug 137375. [Trim] too many resize calls
+ Bug 137384. [Presentations] ClassCastException in 
org.eclipse.ui.internal.PartStack line 1305
+ Bug 137410. [Presentations] ViewPane does not ask the 
ActionBarPresentation to create the toolbar control
+ Bug 137477. Error in the documentation for 
+ Bug 137527. [PresentationAPI] (regression) Implementors of 
StackPresentation now must implement save/restore state methods
+ Bug 137640. [CommonNavigator] New java elements not selected in project 
+ Bug 137693. [Progress] Progress Dialog is huge and hides buttons during 
+ Bug 137767. [Progress] UISynchronizer must clear Interrupt Status of the 
UI thread
+ Bug 137784. [Progress] progress colors not alternating correctly
+ Bug 137849. Unable to set comparator in StructuredViewer
+ Bug 137913. [key binding][content assist] Chinese content assist key 
bindings broken when moved down to org.eclipse.ui
+ Bug 137938. [Progress] Actions lost on refresh of finished jobs
+ Bug 137977. Missing view toolbars
+ Bug 138253. [Trim] Extra space added by the Trim 'group' layout
+ Bug 138378. [Trim] can't drag a trim bar at all
+ Bug 138400. [Workbench] Problem deleting a perspective descriptor 
created from restore state
+ Bug 138645. QuickFix dialog has no wizard graphic or menu icon

+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests.performance
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench

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