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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for 8am

The map file has been updated for I20060412-0800.  The following fixes
are included:
+ Bug 26823. [Markers] cannot reorder columns in task list
+ Bug 43523. [MPE] getAdapter(IEditorStatusLine.class) not working for
+ Bug 43581. [MPE] MultiPageEditorPart has class cast error in pageChange
+ Bug 55817. [Progress] Progress Information dialog appears on start
bar, and shows up on wrong monitor
+ Bug 68076. [Markers] Tasks view's "Add Task" pop-up item
should end with ellipses
+ Bug 73612. [Markers] "Open All" does not work with
multi-select in the bookmarks view
+ Bug 77336. [Markers] [Dialogs] TableSortDialog does not use dialog font
+ Bug 84226. [RCP][PerspectiveBar] Option to preload perspective bar
+ Bug 104496. [BIDI] Need to support Hebrew language code change to
"he" from "iw"
+ Bug 105312. [CommonNavigator] [arch] Support sorting and grouping
for context-sensitive New(Import/Export) menu
+ Bug 108102. [Viewers] Project expands in wrong working set
+ Bug 112215. [CommonNavigator] Allow extensions to participate in the
save lifecycle
+ Bug 115061. [Progress] Progress entries should have a smaller minimum size
+ Bug 122819. [Metadata] Some UI classes use CPL
+ Bug 123409. [FastViews][DnD] Fastview bar is vertically oriented in
status bar after switch from 3.1.2 to 3.2
+ Bug 124873. [FieldAssist] API: How to deal with CellEditors,
DecoratedFields and ContentProposalAdapters?
+ Bug 126155. [Markers] Issues of multi quick fix dialog
+ Bug 127040. problems view quick fix: labels
+ Bug 127519. [Markers] Disabling all filters gives empty list
+ Bug 127629. [Markers] problems view: keep selection stable
+ Bug 128178. [Workbench] earlyStartup does not work in runtime
eclipse with binary-imported plugins
+ Bug 129342. [CommonNavigator] [Resource] Support Project Open/Close
and Refresh
+ Bug 129343. [Workbench] NullPointerException in saveTrimState when
there is no defaultlayout
+ Bug 130338. Eclipse Core Expressions Property Testers not loaded on demand
+ Bug 132186. [CommonNavigator] Javadoc errors in
+ Bug 132257. [CommonNavigator] When you scroll using up/down keys, is
slow : Updating status bar image a cause
+ Bug 132427. [Markers] TaskPropertiesDialog problems
+ Bug 133214. [Field Assist] - required field color hard to see
+ Bug 133529. [FieldAssist] Usability improvements for required field emphasis
+ Bug 133541. [Import/Export] 'testImportArchiveMultiProject is failing
+ Bug 133867. [EFS] Project wizard browse button not connected to file
system contributor
+ Bug 133941. [Properties] Can't contribute properties page for non IAdaptable
+ Bug 134044. Required field inconsistency on New File wizard
+ Bug 134238. [Undo] TriggeredOperations should close open operation
on RuntimeExceptions
+ Bug 134266. [Wizard] Page description not set if page message already set
+ Bug 134401. Bug in JFace Window JavaDoc
+ Bug 134588. [Markers] Problems view not indicating pending update
after deletion
+ Bug 134600. [DataBinding] DefaultBindingSupport.isAssignableFromTo()
creates new Booleans
+ Bug 134750. [DataBinding] TextObservableValue throws NPE on change
if the intial model value is null
+ Bug 134834. [Commands] Ctrl+shift+r keybinding does not show up on menu
+ Bug 134868. [DataBinding] API feedback from the newsgroup
+ Bug 134879. [DataBinding] Provide toString implementations for
implementations of IDiff
+ Bug 135023. [Trim] Contributed trim 'fill' failures can prevent
Workbench from opening
+ Bug 135071. [Trim] Swtich to 'ragged' trim
+ Bug 135088. [JFace] AbstractResourceManager.find() returns a
RefCount instead of the created resource
+ Bug 135173. [Markers] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from Problems view
+ Bug 135266. [Common Navigator] Need a story and example of how to
deal with content de-activation
+ Bug 135284. [Viewers] API: need to add methods to StructuredViewer
to support ViewerComparator
+ Bug 135535. [KeyBindings] Key bindings lost in the Java editor
+ Bug 135586. [Markers] ClassCastException invoking help from ProblemsView
+ Bug 135624. [Common Navigator] Navigator action service should call
+ Bug 135630. [Import/Export] wrong message in Export Prefs wizard
+ Bug 135641. [CommonNavigator] NPE when closing common navigator
+ Bug 135648. [Trim] Need API to lock all trim
+ Bug 135650. [Trim] Contributed trim needs to know which workbench
window it's in
+ Bug 135787. need to adopt ICU4J APIs
+ Bug 135991. [CommonNavigator] Allow Context Menu Wizards to be filtered by id
+ Bug 136101. [Markers] ProblemsView constantly busy when empty
+ Bug 136121. [Markers] "Find similar problems" should be
capitalized in Quick fix wizard.

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.jface
+ org.eclipse.jface.databinding
+ org.eclipse.jface.examples.databinding
+ org.eclipse.jface.tests.databinding
+ org.eclipse.ui
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator
+ org.eclipse.ui.navigator.resources
+ org.eclipse.ui.presentations.r21
+ org.eclipse.ui.tests
+ org.eclipse.ui.views
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench
+ org.eclipse.ui.win32

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