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Re: [platform-ui-dev] requestion plugin cleanup

On Thursday February 23 2006 01:30 pm, Randy Hudson wrote:
> If use is discouraged, how was it ever provisional? I plan on providing
> provisional API that is not used internally by my component. It exists
> solely for clients.  IMO, this is the classic "provisional" (vs. stuff
> that is used internally, and a few clients have asked to promote to API).
> So, if I have code that is not even used internally, why would I mark it
> "internal"?

Say I'm a developer who sees some wonderful snippet of code on the web.  It 
indicates I should use some class.  If I like using Ctrl+Space and 
Ctrl+Shift+O, I may never know that it came from a package called "internal".  
If it is marked "x-internal", then it will appear as a warning.  A curious 
developer can then look at the javadoc, and see that it is described as 
provisional and make a decision based on that.

I guess I just feel that without the "x-internal", it is too easy in Eclipse 
to use provisional APIs without realizing.


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